Secrets of Power Marketing - Promote Brand You
by Bender and Torok

Jim Cathcart, a well known speaker and author, writes “When you read Secrets of Power Marketing you will get very excited about your future. If you do what the book tells you to, your future will look brilliant.” I agree with his testimonial so strongly, that I am going to devote this article to sharing some of the wonderful wisdom written in this valuable book by Peter Urs Bender and George Torok. No matter what kind or flavor of free agent, independent professional, and freelancer you are, if you take these ideas and run with them, you can’t help but being successful. In this article I will include excerpts from the book, and, hopefully, you will want to get a copy for yourself.

First and foremost, the VISION, MISSION, and PURPOSE of the book.

The Vision: Success is an individual choice and responsibility. The Mission: To help give individuals more control over the success of their career or business. And the Purpose: To show you, the individual, how to put the personal in your personal marketing plan. To help you, the entrepreneur, compete with strength and confidence in the marketplace against bigger competition. To provide you with strategies, techniques, and tips to get more from your marketing than you ever thought possible.

What is Marketing? Most of us have very different ideas about what “marketing” is. Some say it’s selling. Some say advertising. Promotion. Cold calling. Direct mail. Coupons. Flyers. Taking clients to lunch. … Marketing is simply the expression of who you are. You can market positively or negatively, but you cannot not market — just like you cannot not communicate. If a client phones you and you do not answer the phone, you are still marketing — you’re marketing the notion that you are not interested in their business. If you have a business card that is wrinkled and has peanut butter on it, you are also communicating a message (And unless you’re in the peanut butter business, it’s not a very appealing one.) You market yourself by the way you dress. If you’re in ill-fitting or dirty clothes, you signal that you don’t care about yourself, which in turn creates a perception of your value in the world.

We all market, in a thousand different ways, every day of our lives. We do it consciously and unconsciously. But we still do it.

Marketing comprises everything that expresses who you are. The way you express yourself in life is how others come to know you. It affects how they see you. What they think of you. Whether they believe or trust you. And it’s ultimately why people buy from you. How you live your life also reflects the perception you have of yourself. It’s an expression of your self-worth. There’s an old saying that others will not value what you have until you do. And it’s true. From this perspective, the idea of “marketing” is huge! It’s the way you shake hands. The way you dress. How you answer the phone. It’s how you speak, how you look, and how you walk. Marketing is about both style and substance. It’s not enough to just look strong on the outside, while being empty on the inside… the more you have on the inside, and the more you are able to express it, the more effective and consistent your marketing will be.

Marketing comprises everything that expresses what it is that you do. You market by the products or services you sell — by their quality and style, effectiveness, or usefulness. You market by your service. Do you really serve the needs of your customers and clients? And of course, you market by your communications to others: The quality and content of your advertising or direct mail. The attitude of the people who do your cold calling. The usefulness and quality of your promotional items. Marketing is how you treat others: your staff, you customers and clients, your shareholders, your community, and the environment. It’s the relationships you build. The value or caring you invest. It is even the attitude that lies behind what you do and how you communicate it. Are you honest or deceptive in the way you advertise and market your product?

Marketing creates a perception of the value of what your are and do. Everything you do creates a perception in others’ minds about you and your product or service. If your appearance shows that you care, people will see that. If you look like a slob, they begin to question your professionalism. Confidence in yourself and in what you sell gets communicated. It shows in your face, your voice, your mannerisms. And customers can feel it. Similarly, if you say one thing and do another, they’ll start to question your integrity — and by association, they’ll doubt your product or service.

Taken together, all your actions express how much you value yourself and how much you value others. An, in turn, they determine how others value you. Remember, people buy you, your company, and what you sell. In that order. So what are you communicating to them?

WOW! All of the above excerpts were only taken from the book’s Introduction. I know that after reading the above, I couldn’t wait to get into the meat of the book and find out how to enhance my marketing by:

  1. Taking control of the perceptions people have of me and my company.
  2. Forming relationships with people of influence.
  3. Finding ways to be known as an expert by the media.
  4. Using focus, creativity, and uniqueness to leverage my limited resources into personal Power Marketing.
  5. Using database marketing to concentrate and expand the reach of my marketing tools.
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