How to Put Excitement Into Your Life - Get a "Dream Job"
by Chris King

As a free agent or an independent professional you may be looking for some excitement in your work life. Thinking about a new career? Thought you couldn't get into something you're passionate about? Think again! In this article I am going to share information about a web site that offers down-to-earth information on a plethora of careers that you can embrace independently, part-time and/or full-time. You will discover e-books by been-there-done-that authors who have been in or have done their "dream jobs" for a long time. Many for their entire lives. They aren't just reporters or writers who've done nothing more than research. They know what they're talking about, They've lived it! So, join me to read about some of the many dream jobs available.

Have you ever wondered about how to get started in one of the following careers? Book Reviewer, Costume Designer, Dog Trainer, Event Planner, Fitness Instructor, Freelance Writer, Independent Filmmaker, Interior Landscaper, Karaoke Host, Meteorologist, Photojournalist, Professional Organizer, Professional Storyteller, Quilt Artist, Radio/Voice-Over Announcer, Software Trainer, Television Producer, Wedding Planner, Wilderness Guide, and many, many more. There are so many titles offered by so many interesting and knowledgeable people, you will find more dream jobs than you could ever imagine exist.

You will find tons of tips and how-tos, lots of hot links, and a sensible game plan. Each title gives you step-by-step guidelines for breaking into your dream job field, along with invaluable insight from the pros - the author and others doing that very same job. It'll be like sitting around a coffee table listening to a bunch of veterans, picking their brains for the secrets you need to get started! And every title includes 20 or so live, hot links to dream job-related sites and resources, places to go for additional details about a job, leads for break-in tips, and more! And just click on them from within the book, and your browser will take you straight through! Every title also includes that all-important section that tells you, step-by-step, exactly what you have to do to break into the field and do the job you're interested in.

Let me share an excerpt from one of the books I have written for the site - How to Get Started As a Fitness Instructor.

As with all skilled professionals, an excellent fitness instructor makes leading classes look both easy and fun. Coupled with this observation, the idea of being paid to keep fit is appealing to many who already work out. To become an effective fitness instructor takes much more, however, than being fit and moving around to music.

Even though this career can offer one of the most flexible and rewarding of "dream jobs," it still demands many hours of training, practice, and keeping up with the ever-changing world of fitness. It takes discipline, personality, communication skills, and, above all, the desire to help others achieve their goals. Fortunately, if you are willing to devote your energy and time to this lively career, there are a plethora of opportunities. The fitness industry is "hot." Health clubs add new classes on a regular basis. New members join clubs daily. Corporations are realizing the benefits of creating fitness facilities for their employees. Senior centers, assisted living complexes, and nursing homes offer fitness sessions. Committed fitness instructors are needed and in demand.

How to Get Started as a Fitness Instructor
will provide a realistic picture of what you can expect, share the experiences of currently successful fitness instructors, tell you what you need to know, offer insider tips on how to become successful, and provide a step-by-step plan to get you started.

Here is an excerpt from another "dream job" title, Voice-Over Announcing by Scott Cimarusti.

Everyday we are exposed to some aspect of the broadcasting/voice-over industry. It can range from routinely tuning in to our favorite radio station in the car during our trip to the store, or listening to the background on-hold message when calling a local business. Because of advances in technology and an increasing focus on all forms of media, there will continue to be an increasing need for talented voice announcers.
Despite having so many different applications, voice-over/announcing jobs seem to remain an eclectic and elusive career for many aspiring announcers. As with many other pursuits, the first question is, "Where do I even begin?"

There is no "secret" to it, necessarily. Just commitment, perseverance, and knowing where the potential opportunities are. How to Get Started in Voice-Over & Radio Announcing will provide some general guidelines to follow when pursuing this career path, including insight into some hidden prospects. You'll also get some tips and ideas from people who have made careers in this industry in various capacities. Though this information will not necessarily guarantee you fame and fortune, you will get a practical foundation upon which you can begin building a career as a radio and/or voice-over announcer.

O.K. It's time for you to visit the site! If I have whet your interest at all, I hope you will plan to spend some time visiting Dream Jobs to Go. And even if you don't find at least one title that turns you on, there is also an available mentor board of authors who will answer career questions. So, what are you waiting for?


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