Creating Prosperity - A Holistic Approach

by Joan Sotkin

Prosperity doesn't just show up. You have to be at the right point of consciousness to create abundance in every area of your life. And once you are there, you have to take action to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior patterns in order to allow a new condition in your life to develop. If you long to experience prosperity, somehow, you will have to draw in what you need in terms of people, things or money in order to feel satisfied. Prosperity is not something that is given to us by some unseen force, it is a habit we have to develop. The fact is that if you feel needy, deprived or unworthy, it will be difficult for you to also feel successful, fulfilled and prosperous. If you've never gotten what you need, you will have to learn how to get it.

Obviously, if you aren't experiencing prosperity now, even if you have a good income, you are going to have to change how you feel - and the quality of your life energy. You are also going to have to make some behavior changes. Keep in mind that creating prosperity is a process, one that can take years to complete, depending on where you are starting from.

Remember, I'm not just talking about making more money. Prosperity is about feeling satisfied and fulfilled in every area of your life. That means you may have to do some real inner traveling to find out who you are, define your values and figure out what will bring you comfort and joy. Then you have to find the courage to act upon what you discover.

Ten Steps

Following is a brief explanation of ten steps you can take that will help you create prosperity and abundance.

1. Define your values.
Make a list of what matters to you and write a description of what you want your life to look like.

2. Take a good look at your life.
Look at the energy you are generating, the people you interact with, the condition of your dwelling, what you eat, how you feel, etc. Also examine whether or not the life you are living is in agreement with your values. If it isn't, what is keeping you from doing what you want to do? If you want to be in a more comfortable financial position - whatever that means to you - then be sure to examine your money feelings.

3. Make a commitment to change. If you aren't comfortable and living the life you want, you will have to make a deep commitment to change your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and the physical expression of your consciousness.

4. Accentuate the positive. You can either expect a positive or negative outcome from the choices you make and from your life stories. If you expect the worst, you are more likely to get it than if you imagine a positive future. You also have the option of believing that life is benevolent and that you can live a comfortable, satisfying life. If you learn to look at life from a positive point of view, you will learn the "attitude of gratitude." Instead of feeling that you aren't getting enough, you will begin to appreciate what you have.

5. Treat yourself like someone you love.
Fire the critical parent in your head that tells you that you aren't perfect just the way you are. Treat yourself with loving kindness and remember to say, "I love and accept you just the way you are," to yourself at least once a day.

6. Connect to other people.
Sharing your life with other people feels good and contributes to the feeling of abundance. Give freely of your time or resources to show your appreciation. If you want to earn more money, then you need to connect to more people because money is always attached to people. If lack is what defines your life, then you may need to make an effort to connect on a deeper level with more people. Go to meetings, join clubs that interest you, go to spiritual gatherings, etc.

7. Let go of the past. Forgiveness and letting go of the pain of your past takes time but opens the door for positive energy to come into your life. You can begin the process of letting go of your past by cleaning out the things that you no longer use or remind you of uncomfortable times in your life.

8. Spend time with your Self.
Spend time in solitude getting to know who you are. You can either meditate, which is suggested, or just spend quite time doing whatever feels good to you. If possible, connect to nature as often as possible. Even if you just sit on a patch of grass and feel the earth beneath you, that will help. Become aware of the birds, trees and flowers. When you can, get out into a country setting. Our meditation pages have simple instructions that can help you gradually develop the habit of daily meditation. During your times alone, watch your thoughts. If they are negative, replace them with positive thoughts. Visualize what you want, as if it has happened and affirm your belief in a positive future.

9. Take responsibility for your life.
As long as you blame others for what is happening to you, or if you keep yourself in a victim position, you will never be able to tap into your ability to create what you want. People who are successful understand that it is their reaction to life that determines the course of their lives. They are willing to examine the part they play in creating whatever negative dramas may play out. The idea is to let life happen through you, not to you.

10. Each day do at least one new thing that will take you closer to your goals. In order for your life to change, you have to consciously make changes. This takes effort and commitment. That's why success doesn't happen to people who just wish for it and hope that some unseen force will give it to them. You can start by changing the quality of your thoughts, getting in touch with what you are feeling in a variety of situations - and about your money, eating one healthy food, smiling at one person who you might have scowled at in the past, or giving something away. If you only take one small step each day, you will adapt yourself to the process of change.

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