Some Great Resources to Grow By
By Chris King

Even if we, as free agents, independent professionals and freelancers are doing well - and many are noticing a new surge of work - we must never become complacent. I have had three of my best months ever, but realize that to achieve the next plateau of my business, I need to keep on learning and trying new techniques of marketing.

But, where to turn? There are so many marketing experts, so many millionaires with e-books that will change our lives around overnight (Really? Without a great deal of work?), and so many ways to spend money on that new way to succeed. In this article I am going to share some of the resources that I have tried and feel comfortable and excited about recommending, because they are working for me.

First and foremost, before investing any money in any book and/or program, test the waters! I have found that the truly reputable resources are willing to send a free newsletter, article or workbook to introduce you to their products. Subscribe or sign up for the freebies - you will know quickly whether or not the person behind them has valuable/useful information that can be of help to you.

A little over four years ago I was introduced to Robert Middleton. I started by subscribing to his weekly More Clients e-newsletter - the one e-newsletter I still read thoroughly word by word. After realizing that this man knew how to market in a sincere way that fits my style, I purchased his excellent Action Plan Marketing Manual - for life. His manual and tapes (yes, I also have many) have not only changed and directed my marketing efforts and the direction of others, he also invites those who have purchased his manual to join the best Internet group of business people I have ever experienced. This is the one forum that I visit often.Through membership in this group, I have not only been introduced to many incredible minds, I have also been challenged to think differently and see several sides to every business decision and action. And, Robert often chimes in with great advice - he has never been stingy with sharing his knowledge. He gives much more than he receives. So, at least, visit Robert's site by clicking HERE and be sure to sign up for his weekly More Clients.

When, a little less than seven years ago, I knew that to build up a mailing list and to keep visitors coming to my websites I would need an e-newsletter, I searched many of the e-newsletter guru's sites. The one who impressed me the most was Alexandria Brown - the E-Zine Queen - and still impresses me the most with her willingness to share and tell "it all." Alexandria is down-to-earth, motivating and giving. She sends out two e-newsletters, offers many free articles, holds helpful teleseminars and, in my opinion, has the best e-book about e-newsletters on the market - Boost Business with Your Own E-zine. In Alexandria's words having an e-zine will:

  • Help you stay in touch with your clients and prospects on a regular basis.
  • Effortlessly spread the word about you and your business.
  • Credibly and subtly promotes your services or products.
  • Instantly positions you as an expert in your field.
  • Is the ideal way to capture the e-mail addresses of your website visitors.

To find out all about the E-zine Queen and what she has to offer, click HERE.

I feel that teleseminars when presented properly are definitely a terrific way to interact, reach many, share information and market. I have attended lots of teleseminars. Some charge for the session while others are free - you, the participant, pay for the long distance call (and long distance today is so reasonably priced). Most I've chosen are excellent and some are disappointing. The best part is that you have only spent 60 to 90 minutes of a learning experience without leaving the office - much more appealing than traveling, parking, etc. The extraordinary sessions, like Robert's, Alexandria's, those put on by SpeakerNetnews and Annie Jennings (keep reading and you will be introduced to this super star shortly) are usually taped and/or followed up by an e-mail loaded with extra information.

I am suggesting that you not only sign-up and partake in several teleseminars, I am also suggesting that you look into holding your own. They can be simple with just a few participants or more involved with more than 100 callers, recording and handouts. To find out how to pull this off, visit Dan Janal's Great Teleseminars site by clicking HERE. He offers the full range of services, along with the best e-book on teleseminars I have discovered, How to Make $50,000 A Year Marketing Your Teleseminars: Your 21-Day Action Plan for Success! This is a great way to hold a seminar without having to rent a conference room and getting the word out, if you have an e-mail mailing list is cost free.

Through Dan Janal, I was recently introduced to Annie Jennings - by far, one of the best PR experts for getting media attention. Annie holds free teleseminars which are taped and the tapes are free. She had interviewed Dan during one of her teleseminars and he sent the information about the free tape - this is the great part of the Internet as a network. I clicked over to her website and ordered the tape. Before I knew it, the tape, other tapes and goodies were in my mailbox - no charge for shipping and handling or charge for the tapes. Let me tell you about Annie. She places experts, authors and speakers on TV and radio shows. But, rather than charging anything up front - which is usually the procedure - she gives you the choice of whether or not you want to appear, and then charges after you are placed.

Even if you are not planning to look for media coverage, the tapes, exercises and whole approach you will find at Annie's website by clicking HERE will help boost your business. You will also get lots of new ideas. I just attended one of her teleseminars this past week where she introduced a radio producer who was discussing what ingredients create an excellent media website and how it is different from other sites. As a web designer/developer, I walked away with great business ideas and also a possible new niche market.

If you have discovered other great resources that you are willing to share, please send them to me. There is so much to learn and try!

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