Building an Internet Community: The Importance of Relationships and Relational Marketing
By Chris King

Network Marketing around the worldAs far back as November 1, 1999, Michael Dell shared the following in a speech given at the Detroit, Michigan Economic Club, “As you look to harness the power of the Internet in your own business, focus on these key areas: the online customer experience, which provides a strong and loyal base; rich content; high-value commerce that moves transactions to the web to reduce costs dramatically; and bringing communities together to create a network with shared interests.”

I have been involved with the Internet and interaction with others over the Internet since the mid 90s, and realized right from the start that building communities, relationships and group interaction would become more and more important. Chat rooms and Lists were prevalent. News groups, discussion boards, Yahoo groups, forums, interactive teleseminars are popular ways for communities to come together.

My feeling is that people are thirsting for relationships and community building. They love interacting with others, sharing their thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes. As attraction and relational marketers, we must figure out ways to build those relationships and communities if we are to succeed. And now, we have all the social networks, blogs and more communities being created by the minute.

When I started working in the area of network marketing, I quickly discovered that even though I had good relationships with friends and family, none – or very few – of them were interested in signing on with me and my company. Even though I was offering them a great product and a terrific business opportunity, I found that they already had a great deal of skepticism surrounding the network marketing industry.

Therefore, I started searching the Internet for information about network marketing and happily discovered a woman with experience and the solutions. Known as “The Renegade Network Marketer,” Ann Sieg has written two cutting edge e-books, the no-cost “7 Great Lies of Network Marketing” and the reasonably priced for its incredible value “The Renegade Network Marketer System.”

The main idea behind both books and the excellent Renegade System is that we no longer need to implore friends and family members to join our team. Prospective clients will find us and ask about the opportunities available and how to join. They will form a relationship with us.

Besides this, there is the helpful Renegade University training system, which is not only useful, but fun and works for anyone who wants to attract clients - even if you are not involved with network marketing.

So check out the two e-books above (just click on each). You will be glad you did. And, “I’ll see you at the top!”

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