Discouraged and/or Frustrated Network Marketers: Here Are Some New Solutions for You
By Chris King

Network Marketing around the worldI know that the Network Marketing Industry has and can make many of us – whether or not we are freelancers or independent professionals – extremely wealthy. Being enamored with networking marketing for a little over a year, I have met and heard from those who have become millionaires, left jobs and companies to work from home, have traveled extensively and have been financially free, with enough money to purchase anything they desire.

I have also met many others who are discouraged and frustrated. Using the traditional network marketing systems and tools, they have been shunned by friends and family; they have spent an incredible amount of money on tools, autoships, buying leads and becoming distributors; and they have expended a huge amount of time – and more money – attending meetings, seminars, and conventions.

The great news is that there are easier and more lucrative ways to market your business. Read on:
If you are not a maverick, rebel, or renegade – i.e. those who don’t “go with the flow” and who don’t embrace all of the accepted rules and procedures - this article may not work for you.

My main reason for being so interested in not always following the norm is the fact that becoming involved with network marketing (and loving the industry and, most of all, the wonderful people I’ve met) I have discovered that, along with many others who have joined a network marketing opportunity, that the traditional advice about the steps to take to become successful can prove disappointing in results.

So, you can imagine how excited I was to find Ann Sieg and her Renegade System and Mike Dillard’s Building on a Budget and/or his Magnetic Sponsoring Course Both are leaders and their approaches are off the beaten track and both are making sense and are creating a new level of success in the network marketing industry. I am involved with both and, even though I consider myself to be Internet savvy, I have already learned more than I could ever have imagined.

The basic premise is that by marketing over the Internet, we have warm prospects and leads contacting us. These are people who have found us through our website(s), our Social Media involvement, our blogs, our articles and content, our videos, and our e-newsletters. You see, it is time to get with the times. Be a maverick, rebel or renegade and check them out. I am using both systems and loving them!

Introducing Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler and the Renegade University

Ann Sieg, a frustrated network marketer, wrote the controversial new e-book, The Renegade Network Marketer, which reveals why prospecting and recruiting is actually destroying your business... why a business opportunity is literally the last thing you want to be selling... and... how to make money REGARDLESS of whether you sponsor anyone or not!

Did you know that sponsoring people into your opportunity is completely irrelevant to making money in network marketing? (And no, I'm not talking about retailing your company's products). Find out how you can get people to PAY YOU to prospect them... rather than you having to pay for your prospects.

Mike Klingler is the step-by-step, patient and thorough trainer for the Renegade University and the Professionals' “Attraction Marketing.” I have had many teachers and so-called gurus in the past, but I can honestly state that Mike is the best. He knows his stuff and uses it. He tells us the correct order to take and not to be in a hurry. He has posted a plethora of tutorials in our back office that we can review and use. He is also working us through a course called “Writing with Pull” that is equally excellent.

As far as Renegade University, I suggest you try it out (there is a free tour) and become easily convinced that becoming a Renegade Professional makes sense. Call me at (216) 991-8428 if you have any questions.

Introducing Mike Dilliard

Mike Dilliard, a network marketer who has changed his whole approach to what he did in the industry during his first six years of involvement, has created several manuals and programs that are results-changing. After reading and chewing on his manuals, my outlook and approach toward network marketing will never be the same.

In Mike’s own words, “There is a very good chance you will question and doubt most, if not all, of your current/past education and approach to MLM after you have been exposed to these ideas. I know I did... In fact I found them so compelling, I took a 6-month exodus from my business once these concepts were discovered. I simply couldn’t stand the thought of building with the status-quo methods one day longer. Magnetic Sponsoring™ was born at the end of those 6 months.”

So, I urge you – if you are a maverick, rebel, renegade, or just a frustrated network marketer to check out the links. And, do call me, Chris King, if you have questions and/or concerns.

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