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2008-11-17   How to Use Behavioral Personality Styles as an Advantage in Our Businesses, Life and Family
The more effectively we communicate and understand others, the more successful we will be with all contacts. We are really in the "people business" so need to know how to form relationships.
2008-09-13   Discouraged and Frustrated Network Marketers: Here are Some New Solutions for You
Whether or not you are involved with network marketing, we need to learn about attracting prospects. Find out how to become a maverick, rebel or renegade. You will not only be  a success, you will have fun!
2008-06-29   Building an Internet Community: The Importance of Relationships and Relational Marketing
More information about the value of building relationships and communities on the Internet. Whether or not you are involved with network marketing, learn about attracting prospects.
2007-12-31   Network Marketing - The Good News, The Bad News and a Rosy Future
Recently, there have been many discussions and reports concerning the wealth building approaches to network marketing. Read all about it here.

  Freelance Anniversary - Seventeen Things I Have Learned in Seventeen Years
Freelance illustrator Megan E. Jeffery shares what she has learned and used to make and keep her business thriving for 17 years.


 Getting the Word Out by Creating Your Own E-Newsletter
Even though publishing a regular e-newsletter takes both work and commitment, the benefits generated by this marketing tool are incredible and worthwhile.


 Books in My Bathroom, Bedroom and Business Folder - Right Now!
Chris shares the plethora of new books she is in the middle of reading and working on. All are informative, interesting, fun to read and exciting!


 How to Use Public Speaking as an Effective Marketing Approach
We need to get the word out. And, one of the most effective ways is to give information packed presentations to groups with our potential clients.


 What's Your Business Model?
Many independent professionals don't actually have a profit-making plan. The real solution may be to choose a new business model. C.J. Hayden tells us how.


 Your "Intuitive Intelligence"
Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler, International Success Mentor, discusses how to develop and use intuition and its extraordinarily profound results.


 A New Conversation about Dreams Integrity: The Key to Getting What You Want
Marcia Wieder, America’s Dream Coach®, discusses how our own integrity helps us realize our dreams in all areas of our lives.


 Five Steps to Vocational Passion: A Disciplined Plan for Major Mid-Life Changes
Craig Nathanson, The Vocational Coach, believes the world works a little better when we do the work we love. He helps those in mid-life carry this out.


 Five Little Known Ways to Double, or Even Triple the Effectiveness of Your Web Copy!
  Internet marketer and writer, Jo Han Mok offers five straight-forward and low cost ways to improve your web copy.


 Taking the Plunge - With Tips for Those Who Might Want to Do the Same
  Freelance technology writer, David Geer, shares how and why he took the "plunge" as an independent professional.


 An Alternative Approach to the "Portfolio Career" Mindset
  This year's look at "Portfolio Careers" from the perspective of others' experiences, thoughts and lives.


 Media Success You Can Bank On
  Bob Crawshaw shares a clever, organized way to always have good PR material ready and waiting for use.


 Money Talks: How to Use Public Speaking to Attract Clients
  Steven Van Yoder shares how to offer talks and workshops to get the word out to prospective clients.


 Some Great Resources to Grow By
  Even when our business is thriving, we should always be looking for new ways to market and learn. In this article, I share some of my best resources.


 How to Establish Great Relationships: the Three Sides to Every Situation
  As Free Agents, we need to realize that there are always three sides to every situation - our side, the other person's side and the true side.


 The Brand Called You
  Steven Van Yoder, author of the book, Get Slightly Famous, discusses the ins and outs of establishing and benefiting from a brand.


 Use Successful Thinking to Enhance Your Life and Business
  In the words of motivational guru, Brian Tracy, we are in the Age of the Mind. This article is filled with thoughts on thinking and questions to ask.


 Influences That Guarantee Success
  We are influenced by the people we hang out with, by the way we spend our time, the books we read, the past. What influences you?


 Are You Self-Confident Enough to Take Serious Business Risks?
  Many times we are faced with whether to take a risk to further our business areas. Are you ready to do it? What to consider.


 I Say "No" to Focusing ... A Contrarian's View
  Being told over and over again for years that I should focus on one major goal and one career, I say, "No." What about you?


 Marketing That Works ... And That Makes Sense, Too!
  Robert Middleton and his incredible InfoGuru Marketing Manual have increased my business four-fold!


 How to Stay Flexible ... Do Away with Your Superstitions
  Doing things the way you've always done them, doesn't always pay off. It's time to change.


 Six Steps to Get "Slightly" Famous
  Steven Van Horn shares some sage advice from his book. Being "Slightly Famous" pays off.

 What's In a Name? Is Yours Working for You?
  Name changing has become the norm. Is it time to reconsider your name or your tagline?
 Why Are You a Free Agent, Independent Professional and Freelancer?
  Sometimes we need to examine why we are doing what we do to make sure we are going in the right direction.
 How to Write Copy That Gets Results
  Learn from Charlie Page why people buy. He tells us how to sell without hype.
 How to Establish Your Professional Presence on the Internet
  For credibility and visibility, this article gives an overview of what it takes to establish a presence on the Internet.
  What Does Freelance Living Have In Common with Exercise?
  Learn how Freelance Living and Exercise share common hurdles, techniques and pay-offs.
 Be Remarkable: Follow the Lessons of the Purple Cow
  Discover the "remarkable" book by Seth Godin that will help your life and business to never be common and boring like a brown cow.
 A Free Agent Roadmap for 2003
  Free Agent Paul Bednar shares his ideas for experiencing a successful 2003 as a free agent.
 Do You Offer a Guarantee? And, If So, What Kind?
  Offering a guarantee (especially a money back) can be scary, but will also increase your business.
 That Very Important First Client Meeting
  If you act like Santa Claus, rather than the Grinch, you will have a better chance of forming a relationship.
 Ways to Cope with Aloneness
  As a free agent, independent professional and freelancer, do you ever feel "alone"?
 Have You Asked Your Clients/Customers for Feedback?
  The quickest way to grow and grow your business is to find out how you are doing.
 Three True Stories by John P. Williamson
  You will enjoy these stories, along with learning some valuable business truths and philosophies embraced by a professional.
 How Trustworthy Are You? - Freelance Ethics
 The professional free agent, independent professional and freelancer must be honest and ethical to be a success.
 The Values, Virtues and Vicissitudes of Organization
 Being organized is accompanied by a plethora of benefits. How to do it?
 What Have You Given Away Lately?
 Giving has many more benefits than you will ever imagine. How giving are you?
 Ways to Market Your Services to a Group
 Presenting to a group is quite a change from one-on-one marketing.
 Reaching Your Potential
 Prosperity Place author Joan Sotkin puts a new twist on "reaching potential.
 Use the Many Computer Tools Available for Freelancers
 Computer tools have become an integral part of our lives and businesses.
 2002-03-27  It's Time to Take a Look in the Mirror
  When was the last time you took a look in the mirror to reinvent yourself?

 Use the Value of Volunteering to Further Your Career
  I figure that at least 90% of my business has resulted from volunteering.

 2002-03-02  Is It Time to Reconsider Your Fees?
  My tax preparer said I should charge more. Should you?
 2002-02-23  How to Enjoy and Use the Benefits of Teaching
  If you want to learn something, teach it.
 2002-02-17  What Is Your USP? How to Define It for Yourself and Others
  How do you define what you do?
 2002-02-09  Five Ways to Deal with the Stress of Living a Freelance Life
  Everyone has stress. The important part is how we deal with it.
 2002-01-30  Creating Prosperity - A Holistic Approach
  Prosperity doesn't just show up. Being the right place at the right time.
 2002-01-16  The Definition Dilemma Faced by Living Freelance
  I find one of the most challenging situations I face is defining my career.
 2002-01-03  Add Creativity to Your Freelance Living with This Program
  This program changed my life forever.
 2001-12-26  The Ins and Outs of Having and/or Being a Mentor
  Every tape Iíve heard and every book Iíve read recommends mentoring.
 2001-12-15  Let's Apply Some CPR to Our Freelance Careers and Living
  This is always a good time of year in which to reflect on improvement.
 2001-12-04  Are You a Peaceful Warrior? Are You Living on Purpose?
  Great article by one of my speaker friends.
 2001-11-27  The Dream Pusher Offers Great Career Information
  Have you ever wanted to ask a career counselor for advice.
 2001-11-20  Use the Power of Goals to Enhance Your Freelance Life
  As free agents, independent professionals, and freelancers, we need goals.
 2001-11-01  Use the Power of Questions to Your Advantage
  Asking the right questions at the right time can change our lives.
 2001-10-18  Feeling Stuck in a Career? Try This.
  Most people understand the concept of a career wall. Time to reflect.
 2001-10-11  How to Put Excitement Into Your Life - Get a "Dream Job"
  Have you always craved the perfect profession? What is your dream?
 2001-09-26  Use the Power of Meaningful Networking to Create Client Contacts
  I feel that the most meaningful marketing I do is networking.
 2001-09-13  What Have You Learned Lately?
  Are you keeping up? Today, we can't afford to stand still.
 2001-09-06  When to Say "No" to a Client - Potential or Otherwise
  Sometimes, it is wise to turn a client down. When should we do it?
 2001-08-30  Secrets of Power Marketing - Promote Brand You
  Introducing a super book on marketing by a super speaker.
 2001-08-22  How to Work Full Time - Part Time ... and Love Every Minute
  You might want to consider pursuing what I call a "Portfolio Career."
 2001-08-14  Be Careful What You Wish For ...You Will Probably Get It!
  This was one of the first lessons I learned when setting goals.
 2001-08-08  Marketing 101 For Independent Professionals, Free Agents, and Freelancers
  Marketing is all important, but not always our favorite activity.
 2001-08-04  Five Ways to Achieve Balance in Your Freelance Living
  In today's crazy, fast-paced world, it is a challenge to stay balanced.
 2001-08-02  Free As a Bird! Is It Time to Embrace the Freelance Lifestyle?
  Are you ready to take the plunge? You are not alone.
 2001-08-02  How to Get Set Up As a Free Agent
  You have decided to become a free agent. What to do first?
 2001-08-02  Are You Someone Who Can Handle Freelance Living?
  Is the life of a free agent for you? Take this test and find out.

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