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Funny Business
  Tommy Yan, guest writer and speaker from California shares how he started using humor in his presentations and how you can too. You will have them rolling in the isles.


How to Leave Your Audiences Begging for MORE!
  The introduction of Chris King's new e-book that includes "Everything You Need to Know to Become an OUTRAGEOUSLY Powerful Presenter." Check it out!


Should You Speak for Free? If, When and Why?
  Once the word is out that you are a powerful presenter, you will be faced by planners asking if you will speak to their group for free. What is your answer?


How to Be Memorable - Notes from My Journal
  Why is one presenter remembered while another one isn't? In this article, I have included notes that I have made over the years.


Use the Power of "Signature Stories" to Enliven Your Presentations
  By adding your own, unique "Signature Stories" to your presentations, you and your message will become memorable!

 2004-10-17 Fine Tune Your Presentations with Strong Transitions
  Every portion of our presentation is important, especially the transitions. Learn what, why, how, where and when to use them.
 2004-08-22 Tips and Tricks for Thinking on Your Feet
  Ways to become a quick and articulate speaker who is interesting, succinct and who "thinks on his or her feet" with ease.
 2004-06-28 Plan Your Next Presentation with Mapping
  Try this fun and creative tool for combining right and left brain thinking to quickly innovate and intuit a powerful presentation.
 2004-05-17 From "Good" to "Great" - What Makes the Difference?
  There is nothing shameful about being a good speaker, but wouldn't it be better to be a "great" speaker. What's the difference?
 2004-04-04 The Ts of a Topnotch Technology Talk
  Giving a Technology focused presentation presents a plethora of challenges. In this article, I attack many of the Ts - both good and bad.
 2004-02-22  Avoid the PowerPoint Pitfalls and Other Visual Vicissitudes
  Is PowerPoint really "the work of the devil" or can we make it work for us by enhancing our presentations? We discuss the under-done to the overdone.
 2004-01-11  Presenter Pitfalls to Avoid
  As we plan for the New Year to be successful, there are common mistakes that speakers make. Learn which ones to avoid.
 2003-11-30  How a Top Professional Speaker Uses Powerful Presentation Skills
  In this article you will read about the motivational guru, Brian Tracy, and what makes him such a powerful presenter.
 2003-10-18  What Are the Qualities of an Influential Presenter
  The presenters and presentations we remember are those that have influenced us and made a difference. How can you influence?
 2003-09-08   How to Give an Effective and Powerful Short Presentation
  You have been asked to give a five to ten minute presentation. How do you tackle this challenge?
 2003-08-10   The One Secret to Becoming a Powerful Presenter
  Yes, there are many effective ways to improve your presentation skils, but this is the one, main secret.
 2003-07-14   Teleseminar Tactics - Who, What and How?
  Teleseminars offer a cost effective and convenient way to conduct interactive presentations on the phone.
 2003-06-15   How to Keep at Least One Step Ahead of Murphy's Law
  When we least expect it, Murphy's Law rears its ugly head. How can we cope?
 2003-05-21   The Ten Biggest Mistakes Presenters Make
  Avoid these mistakes and you will find that you and your presentations will be in demand.
 2003-05-07   How to Establish Credibility - One Detail at a Time
  If we build slowly, always paying attention to those pesky details, we will eventually achieve success.
 2003-04-06  Dos and Don'ts for Technology Based Presentations
  Giving a presentation in the field of technology is different, challenging and yet can be rewarding.
 2003-03-26  Never Assume, Always Confirm: Lessons Learned the Hard Way
  Confirming ahead of a presentation is another form of being prepared, and saving yourself a lot of grief.
 2003-02-21  Using the Basics for a Winning Presentation
  Recently judging a presentation contest, I was reminded of the importance of returning to the basics.
 2003-02-09  How Is Giving a Powerful Presentation Like Leading a Fitness Class?
  Comparing the qualities for leading excellent fitness classes and presentations lends power to both.
 2003-01-26  Embrace a Purple Cow: Start Giving "Remarkable" Presentations
  Seth Godin shows us how to stand out from the herd by becoming "remarkable."
 2003-01-11  Use Your Unique STYLE to Add Power to Your Presentations
  Each of us is unique. It is time to be true to ourselves and use our own STYLE.
 2003-01-01  A Snapshot of Radical Truths and Choices for the Presenter
  This article is for those presenters not willing to accept the status quo - those who refuse mediocrity.
 2002-12-13  Ten Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Speak Professionally
  A speaking career may appear to be glamorous, but there are many considerations to ponder before plunging.
 2002-12-04  Telecommunications - How Good Are You on the Telephone?
  Presenting powerfully when using the telephone can make you unique and memorable.
 2002-11-19  How to Use Feedback to Advantage
  Using well chosen feedback will take your presentation skills to a new plateau.
 2002-11-01  How to Prevent PowerPoint Panic
  Learn from an expert designer the basics of an effective PowerPoint Presentation.
 2002-10-21  It's A Matter of Trust - Presentation Ethics
  With so much emphasis today on ethics and honesty, we speakers need to examine ours.
 2002-10-10  How to Break the Ice When Presenting
  Oftentimes an audience needs some ice breaking. How do you do it effectively?
 2002-09-20  Why Do You Speak? Is Your Speaking Accomplishing Your Purpose?
  Presenters present for many reasons. What is yours?
 2002-09-04  How Different Audiences Improve Presentation Skills
  The more diverse your audiences and topics, the more you will grow.
 2002-08-10  The Quest for Content
  In this Information Age, we speakers must consider content.
 2002-05-02  How to Shine Once Your Presentation Has Ended
  Ways to effectively end with pizzazz!

 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Partnering with Another Presenter
  Two presenters can be doubly powerful or weak!

 2002-03-26  Secrets of Successful Presentations by Panels
  Panels can be extremely effective when handled properly.
 2002-03-09  How to Approach the Important Role of Facilitator
  If you are active with groups, you may be asked to serve as a facilitator.
 2002-03-01  How to Be an Effective Emcee
  As a presenter, you will be scheduled as an emcee.
 2002-02-22  How Do You Rate as a Speaker?
  How strongly do you rate yourself along with others?
 2002-02-16  How to Give Dynamic Workshops - Part II
  Workshops are many groups' top choice of venue.
 2002-02-10  How to Present Dynamic Workshops - Part I
  For a workshop to be meaningful, it must be dynamic.
 2002-02-01  There's Much More to Presenting Than the Words We Say
  Presenters need to focus on more than just the words.
 2002-01-11  How to Gather and Benefit From the Power of Testimonials
  Testimonials are more powerful than one can imagine.
 2002-01-03  Increase Your Presentation Prowess with This Program
  I guarantee that this program will change your life and skills.
 2001-12-26  There Is Always an Exception to the Rule!
  I never thought I would recommend this.
 2001-12-14  Use CPR to Make Your Presentations More Powerful
  Let's reflect on the direction of our presentations.
 2001-12-06  Places to Practice Your Presentations
  How to practice, practice, practice.
 2001-11-29  What NOT to Do As a Presenter
  Let's switch from the positive to the negative.
 2001-11-14  Enlist the Power of Goals to Reach a New Presentation Level
  It's time to set some goals.
 2001-11-01  How to Use the Power of Questions
  What questions do you need to ask?
 2001-10-19  How to Present Powerfully on the Radio
  As a speaker or company leader you will be asked to be on the radio.
 2001-10-11  How to Avoid Distracting Habits While Presenting
  Do you have any distracting habits? Let's avoid them.
 2001-10-02  Tips for Taping
  You have been asked for a tape of your presentation.
 2001-09-26  Networking Involves Much More Than Exchanging Business Cards
  Make networking really pay off.
 2001-09-13  What Have You Learned Lately?
  I can't stress the importance of continual learning enough.
 2001-09-06  Audience Participation Adds Power to Your Presentations
  We add magic to our presentations by involving the audience.
 2001-08-30  Less Is More — Remember KISS ... Keep It Simple, Silly!
  Be careful not to overdo.
 2001-08-21  How to Keep Your Audience Hanging on Every Word
  A leading child psychologist shares a great presentation tip.
 2001-08-14  How to Add Pizzazz to Your Everyday Presentations
  Make every regular everyday presentation memorable.
 2001-08-07  How to Craft an Effective Elevator Speech
  What is an elevator speech and how to use it.
 2001-07-31  Introducing the Secrets of Power Presentations
  Learn from powerful speaker, Peter Urs Bender.
 2001-07-24  Ten Steps to Becoming a Professional Speaker: Part II
  So you want to be a Pro! More on how to achieve this goal.
 2001-07-17  Ten Steps to Becoming a Professional Speaker: Part I
  So you want to be a Pro! More on how to achieve this goal.
 2001-07-10  Take Risks and Add New Power to Your Presentations
  By taking risks, you and your presentations will grow.
 2001-07-03  How to Get Back to the Basics of Powerful Self-Presentation
  We are not born with the ability to communicate brilliantly.
 2001-06-25  Use Dynamic Range to Increase Your Speaking Versatility
  I invented the concept of Dynamic Range in public speaking.
 2001-06-18  How to Hold and Participate in Effective Meetings
  Meetings are a fact of our everyday lives, so let's make them work.
 2001-06-11  How to Use a Microphone Effectively
  It is amazing how many speakers don't know how to use this tool.
 2001-06-06  How to Give a Successful Impromptu Speech
  Always be prepared for impromtu.
 2001-05-27  How to Get and Keep Audience Attention ... Use the Power of Story
  Keep your audience awake and on the edge of their seats.
 2001-05-22  PowerPoint Tips from A to Z
  Autoshapes to ZZZ's - Use PowerPoint effectively.
 2001-05-21  Public Speaking: Why Use Humor?
  Why should I bother using humor in my public speaking?
 2001-05-19  Use Visual Aids to Enhance ... Not Destroy ... Your Presentations
  Visual aids can add a new dimension to our presentations.
 2001-05-14  The Sound of Silence ... Use Pauses for Powerful Presentations
  Pacing and pausing add strengh to your presentations.
 2001-05-08  Tips on Topics for Powerful Presentations
  There are two important factors to consider before preparing to present.
 2001-04-29  Six Presentation Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way
  With more than twelve years as a professional speaker, I've learned!
 2001-04-23  How to Handle the Unexpected When Presenting
  Never assume that everything will go as expected.
 2001-04-16  The Seven Secrets of Handling Successful Questions and Answers
 Questions and Answers can be the best and the worst portion.
 2001-04-12  How to Speak with E's
  Be a speaker of influence not control or guilt.
 2001-04-09  The Introduction Can Make or Break Your Presentation!
It's up to us to create a winning introduction.
 2001-04-04  Fight the Fear of Speaking
  Most people experience anxiety when asked to present.
 2001-03-29  Never, Never, Never ... Be Boring!
  There is nothing worse for a speaker than being a bore.
 2001-03-27  The Six Ps Of Powerful Presentations
  A quick overview of what it takes to be powerful.

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