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Introducing a Great Storytelling Gift, Working smARTS
by Chris King

I just bought myself a Christmas gift that will keep on giving me joy and inspiration for the whole New Year. How delighted I was to receive a complimentary copy of this fine publication created by two excellent and professional storytellers. In this article I will share the scoop on Working smARTS, the new monthly electronic newsletter designed for professional children's artists. And it is not only loaded with useful information, it is priced way below its value!

Being a children's artist in today's world takes more than creativity and desire. It takes professionalism and business sense. To secure gigs and bookings, today's children's artist requires business skills. Working smARTS is a new monthly electronic newsletter designed for professional children's artists to help them further their "business smarts" by providing how-to articles on such topics as networking, marketing, office organization, and creating promotional materials; interviews with top children's artists and arts professionals; information; resources; and the latest arts links. Links and website reviews are provided by professional storyteller and leading arts web researcher, Karen Chace. Dianne de Las Casas, professional storyteller and President of Independent Children's Artist Network, serves as Editor of Working smARTS.

Working smARTS Editor, Dianne de Las Casas, has years of professional storytelling experience. She is co-founder of several arts organizations including ICAN - Independent Children's Artist Network (President), Louisiana Storytelling Association (Vice President), and South East Louisiana Storytelling Guild (past President). She serves as the Louisiana State Liaison for the National Storytelling Network and is active on several committees. In addition, Dianne is Editor of E-Applause!, ICAN's electronic newsletter and Co-Editor of La Storyteller, a newsletter serving Louisiana's storytelling community. As a professional storyteller, she offers performances, workshops, and artist residencies. For more information, visit her storytelling website at .

Working smARTS Web Researcher Karen Chace is also a professional storyteller along with being a thorough and savvy web researcher. Her CD-ROM, Researching Stories on the Internet: A Webliography of Storytelling Resources, has sold to storytellers nationally and internationally. It has been incorporated into the Oral Traditions curriculum as an educational resource tool at Loyola Academy in Illinois and is part of the collection of the National Library of Singapore. Karen offers customized web research for performing artists, workshops on Researching on the Internet: Untangling the WEB, and performs as a professional storyteller. Look for the announcement of the grand opening of Karen's website in an upcoming issue of Working smarts. You may contact Karen at

By this time you are asking, “How much does Working smARTS cost, and how do I get a subscription?” The annual subscription rate is $20. For that great price, artists will have access to tools that will help them develop as professionals. That's only $1.65 a month! For a complimentary introductory issue of Working smARTS, e-mail To subscribe, send a check or money order to Dianne de Las Casas, Working smARTS, P.O. Box 2656, Harvey, LA 70059 and include your full name, arts discipline, and contact information, including email address. For more information, you may contact Editor Dianne de Las Casas at (504) 368-1831 or at

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Subscribe to Working smARTS today. Take control of your performing arts career and work smarter!

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