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 2005-12-05 Ten Holiday Thoughts for Storytellers
   The inspiring and never-give-up storyteller, Angela Davis, shares great ideas for us as storytellers. These apply to the Holidays and years to come.
 2005-11-08 The Virtues of Storytelling with Simplicity - Remember KISS ... Keep It Simple, Silly!
   Simplicity keeps our listeners' attention, makes our stories more memorable and enjoyable.
 2005-06-01 Hook `em or Lose `em - Notes from an Excellent Workshop
   A recap of an excellent workshop, given by Jackson Gillman, at the recent O.O.P.S! Annual Storytelling Conference.
 2005-04-03 Concert Storytelling and the Gong of Seven
  Paul Conway of Voyageur Storytelling discusses the use of storytelling concerts and the importance of becoming virtuosi of storytelling concert art.
 2005-02-06 How to Plan a Program around Mystery Stories
  Finding a storyteller that specializes in mysteries was a challenge, so Chris King created a new program, repertoire and niche.
 2004-12-28 A Treasure Trunk of Tellers' Tips
  More wonderful and useful tips from many different storytellers. A variety of topics to help both the veteran and aspiring teller.
 2004-10-21 Tellers Tips on Various Topics
  Storytellers from all over the country share tips to help the veteran and aspiring storyteller with a variety of topics.
 2004-08-21 How to Become Seriously Involved in Storytelling
  When people hear I am a storyteller, they often ask how they can become involved. This article gives a plethora of ways and resources.
 2004-06-27 Spirited Storyteller Shares Her Passion
  Popular storyteller, Angela Davis shares her feelings and beliefs about being a storyteller and doing what you love.
 2004-05-15 Should Storytellers Work for Free?
  Members of the popular Storytell Discussion List share their feelings and experiences dealing with this thorny topic.
 2004-04-04 Getting the Word Out - Ways to Market Your Storytelling
  We must never become complacent about our marketing of storytelling. In this article I share some of the most effective resources I've found and used.
 2004-02-22 A Story Writer and Teller Delineates How We Process Information
  In this excellent and brilliant article, author and storyteller, Gregory Leifel discusses how we learn by both reading and hearing. His delightful metaphor puts everything into perspective.
 2004-01-12 Storytellers Unite - Let's All Spread the Word!
  My challenge to all of you storytellers, wannabe storytellers, story listeners and story lovers. Let's get the word out to as many people as possible.
 2003-11-29 More Treasured Tips from a Troupe of Talented Tellers
  Whether you are an aspiring storyteller or a veteran, you will find these tips from seven professional storytellers to add to your storytelling know how.
 2003-10-18 A Beginner's Guide to Storytelling - Not Only for Beginners
  This slim volume is loaded with all of the information an aspiring storyteller needs to know, but will also serve as an incredible reference for veteran storytellers.
 2003-09-08 A Tapestry of Storytellers' Tips and Tales
  Six storytellers from across the country share some of their best tips and tales to help you with definition, how to become a better teller and get more gigs.
 2003-08-11 Use the Power of Storytelling for Business Information Sharing
  As storytellers, we all know the power of a well told story, but how can we convince companies and organizations to make use of this powerful tool?
 2003-07-12 How to Start Over as a Storyteller after a Move to a New Area
  Storyteller Mary Hamilton shares hard earned tips on what to do to re-establish if you move to a new area.
 2003-06-15 Give Your Storytelling Meaning ... Meet Me in Chicago in July
  Read about one of the best conferences I have ever attended and one guaranteed to improve your storytelling.
 2003-05-18 Frequently Asked Questions for Storytellers and Those Who Want to Hire Them - Part II
  Storyteller True Thomas shares his thoughts and opinions on three more of the burning questions.
 2003-05-01 Frequently Asked Questions for Storytellers and Those Who Want to Hire Them - Part I
  Storyteller True Thomas shares his thoughts and opinions on two of the burning questions.
 2003-04-05  "Sevens" and Ways to Use the Magic of Numbers for Storytelling
  You will be amazed by what a bit of research can reveal and the ideas generated.
 2003-03-26  Questions Storytellers Are Often Asked and How They Answer
  Storytellers Karen Chace and Tim Jennings address this ever-present challenge of saying "I am a storyteller."
 2003-02-21  Apply the Purple Cow to Your Storytelling
  What will make you remarkable? How to stand out from the rest of the herd (or crowd of tellers).
 2003-02-10  Storytelling Is Like Exercise - The More You Do, the More You Like It
  It is amazing how many similarites there are between exercising and telling stories. We can learn from both.
 2003-01-24  The Everlasting Healing Power of a Story
  We can help ourselves and others when we share some of those difficult stories from the heart.
 2003-01-12  Have You Developed Your Unique STYLE as a Storyteller?
  When we stray from our unique STYLE when telling stories, we do a disservice to the listeners and ourselves.
 2003-01-01  Consider the Radical Truths and Choices for the Storyteller
  This article is about refusing mediocrity, breaking out of the status quo and being the best storyteller.
 2002-12-13  You Can't Copyright Ideas
  Storyteller Lois Sprengnether challenges us to make use of themes and motifs in our own way.
 2002-12-01  Tell for the Audience at Hand
  Storyteller Mary Hamilton shares ways to reach audience members effectively.
 2002-11-19  To Critique or Not Critique - Or Be Critiqued?
  Storytellers have a variety of approaches to critiquing and coaching. What would work for you?
 2002-11-02  Creative Ways to Work with Children in Groups
  Storyteller, drama and speech coach Sue Godsey shares a plethora of ideas for working successfully with youngsters.
 2002-10-22  What Do I Mean By Storytelling and Storyteller Ethics?
  Being ethical and trustworthy are as important as, or even more important, than being a excellent storyteller.
 2002-10-10  Consider the Many Uses of Storytelling
  The number of ways that the power of storytelling may be used is almost mind-boggling!
 2002-09-20  How to Use Clip Art Storyboarding to Learn a Story Quickly
  Catherine Sarette shares a fun way to use your computer to learn a story quickly.
 2002-09-05  Have You Considered Adding the Outrageous to Your Storytelling?
  Have some fun, be outrageous and improve your storytelling.
 2002-08-10  An Effective Way to Stage a Successful Public Storytelling Swap
  Storyteller Gregory Leifel shares a wonderful swap experience.
 2002-05-02  A Storyteller's Voice from India
  A woman storyteller from India shares her storytelling.
 2002-04-13  Meet Me in Denver This July 
  Why? You will experience one of the best conferences EVER!
 2002-03-22  How to Get and Keep Members Involved in Your Group/Guild
  Discover great ways to keep members and volunteers.
 2002-03-08  Pick a Theme for Your Next Storytelling Program
  A way to pull together an effective storytelling program.
 2002-03-01  How to Start and Maintain a Successful Storytelling Group/Guild
  The steps to take when starting a group of storytellers.
 2002-02-23  Tips for Telling Effective Personal Stories
  Use the power of personal stories.
 2002-02-16  Re-Energize Your Journal for Today and Tomorrow
  Connect with this great resource for jump starting.
 2002-02-09  How to Bring History to Life through Storytelling
  I used to hate history. Storytelling has made me love it!
 2002-02-02  Always Have a Story Ready ... You Don't Know When You'll Need It
  There are all kinds of opportunities for telling stories.
 2002-01-14  Use Time and Timing Wisely for Powerful Storytelling
  Effective timing and use of time is the sign of a pro.
 2002-01-03  Add a New Dimension to Your Storytelling with This Program
  This great program has changed my life and the life of others.
 2001-12-27  Have You Considered Finding and/or Being a Mentor?
  This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to grow.
 2001-12-14  Introducing a Great Storytelling Gift, Working smARTS
  No artist and/or storyteller should be without this publication.
 2001-12-04  What Makes Storytelling Artistic?
  This is a great opinion article by a fine storyteller.
 2001-11-28  The WRONG Way to Tell Stories
  A good way to learn is to know what not to do.
 2001-11-10  Let's Celebrate Storytelling! Share and Listen at TELLABRATION!
  Read about this annual worldwide event.
 2001-11-01  How to Decide How Scary a Story Should Be
  This dilemma rears its head often, especially at Halloween.
 2001-10-17  How to Use Storymaps When Learning Both Oral and Written Stories
  Here's some of the information that I use in study guides.
 2001-10-11  How to Get Started as a Professional Storyteller
  Learn the ins and outs from been-there-done-that tellers.
 2001-10-01  The Story of Becoming a Storyteller
  A fulltime storyteller shares how she got started.
 2001-09-26  Making Use of the Power of Story During Crisis
  Using the power of story to help with healing and crisis.
 2001-09-13  What Have You Learned Lately?
  The importance of continual learning can't be stressed enough.
 2001-09-06  Audience Participation Adds Pizzazz to Your Storytelling
  Audience participation will make storytelling fun for everyone.
 2001-08-30  How to Handle the Beginnings and Endings of Your Stories
  Every part of a story is important, especially the bookends.
 2001-08-21  Use the Power of the Pause to Strengthen Your Storytelling
  Silence is a strong, but difficult, tool to use.
 2001-08-14  Storytelling With the Magic of Threes
  It's amazing how many stories are based on threes.
 2001-08-08  How to Prepare For and Handle Common Storytelling Challenges
  Don't let the unforseen throw you off course.
 2001-08-01  Stories Are for Adults Too!
  Many people think that stories are just for children. Not true!
 2001-07-23  Why Have Storytelling in the Schools?
  Most schools today realize the strength of storytelling.
 2001-07-17  How to Enliven Your Community/Neighborhood With Storytelling
  Your community/neighborhood is rich with stories.
 2001-07-11  How to Create a Storytelling Program that Flows
  It doesn't matter to whom you're telling, you want flow.
 2001-07-03  How to Develop the Fine Art of Tandem Storytelling
  Two storytellers can bring a story to a new level.
 2001-06-26  How to Capture Your Family's Stories for Posterity
  Every family has years and years of stories. Don't lose yours.
 2001-06-18  Do Storytellers Use Props When Performing?
  Should I use props?
 2001-06-11  How to Use a Microphone Effectively
  A microphone is a necessity. Learn how to use one.
 2001-06-06  What Do Storytellers Wear When Performing?
  Should you wear a costume, or a special outfit?
 2001-05-28  What Makes a Good Story?
  Storytellers have many opinions about what makes a good story.
 2001-05-28  Storytelling Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way
  Storytelling doesn't always work the way we wish.
 2001-05-23  How to Connect with Storytelling and Storytellers
  You are a storyteller. How do you meet other storytellers?
 2001-05-22  So You Want to Become an Effective Storyteller
  Everyone is a storyteller, but at different levels.
 2001-05-20  Everyone Loves a Good Story!
  Everyone, no matter what age, loves a good story.

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