If the idea of pursuing a "Portfolio Career" appeals to you, you must be willing to risk change. Two feelings that tend to hold us back from taking a risk are low self-esteem and fear.

Self Esteem: you either like yourself or you don't. To raise your self esteem, practice positive self talk, embrace your uniqueness (review your assets and strengths), keep a journal and surround yourself with people who believe in you.

Fear holds us back in a plethora of ways. Ask yourself which of the following fear or fears is holding you back: failure, success, I'll get hurt (physically/ emotionally/ psychologically), the unknown, poverty, criticism and loss of love.

There are many PROS and CONS to having a "Portfolio Career"
Why Have a Portfolio Career?
Some of the PROS and CONS of Having a "Portfolio Career:"

The PROS: Flexibility, Creativity, Change, Autonomy (being in control), Excitement, Achievement, Development of Expertise and Many Skills, Personal Freedom & Personal Growth, Pleasure Doing What One Likes, Risk Taking; Variety, Fast Pace, Leisure Time, Money, Emotional Health, Meaning, Continual Learning. Do these appeal to you?

The CONS: Risk, Change, Lack of Stability, Overwhelming When Deadlines Overlap, Fast Pace, Lack of Leisure Time, Lack of Money (or financial stability), Pressure, Other People's Opinions, Lack of Company Benefits and Lack of a Regular Routine. If these are distasteful to you, you might not want to consider a "Portfolio Career."

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