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Choosing a Career: We all know how to set goals, but how can you set a career goal if you don't know what you want? Chris King of Creative Keys can help you discover your "Core Passion." When we pursue our purpose and what we love to do, every day becomes an adventure filled with joy!

Career Tip: Eric Fromm described a misconception that climaxed in the 1980s. He said people spend their lives trying to: HAVE enough (money, resources, things) so they can DO what they want (in terms of work, how they spend their time), because then they can BE happy and BE themselves. Fromm says that to have a satisfying life, we need to invert the formula. First, we need to: BE who we are. Know our strengths, weaknesses, our purpose. DO what we love, which will be the contribution of our unique gifts. Because we are giving our self away, we will be rewarded, and HAVE what we need. Read more about this in Fromm's book To Have or To Be.

"Portfolio Career": It is believed by career forecasters that before long people who work one full-time job will be in the minority. Chris King of Creative Keys thrives on her own "Portfolio Career" and shares the who, what, why, where, when and how of becoming a portfolio person.

"Portfolio Career" Tip: To become a portfolio person, we must stop thinking in terms of having or not having a job. We need to take control of our life, make flexibility our credo and develop a portfolio of skills and activities, some for sale and some to be given as gifts. A portfolio is a collection of different items, but with a theme. Rather than working for one company, you take on various projects and cultivate several clients. A successful "Portfolio Career" fits together bits of work in our life to form a balanced whole. To find out if you could handle and love having a Portfolio Career, take the Portfolio Career Assessment by clicking HERE.


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