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Creative Keys

. . . To Extraordinary Communications

The Magic of Creativity

Newsletters: Are you getting the results you desire from your written, marketing materials? If not, Chris King of Creative Keys can help you create extraordinary newsletters that people love to read. She was a newspaper editor for ten years and a newsletter editor for seven. She not only writes but also designs the layout and the advertisements.

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Newsletter Tip: Even if your words are powerful and dynamic, the design of your publication is what draws the reader to it. Make it fun, lively and yet convey an impressionable image of your business.

Writing: Everyone is in a rush today, working, concentrating on filling and gaining promotions. So if we want them to read our information, our writing must be creative, succinct, warm and appealing. Chris King of Creative Keys can help you infuse your articles, your ad copy and other written materials with emotional creativity.

Writing Tips: Keep it short. Keep it in the active voice. Cut out the unnecessary words like "very, truly, entirely." Rewrite, rewrite and rewrite.

Storytelling: People listen to and internalize our messages when we use the magic and power of stories. Chris King of Creative Keys tells traditional tales - with a modern day twist; original stories - personal and believable; and business stories - with a meaningful message. She shares her stories with listeners of every age and gives workshops to storytellers, teachers, guidance counselors and presenters who wish to add creativity to their presentations.

Storytelling Tip: Only tell stories you love. When learning and developing a story, tell it to everyone who will listen and watch for their reactions. For more information and a plethora of free articles about storytelling, visit Storytelling Power.

Presenting: In today's information world, having strong presentation skills is no longer just a plus, it is now a necessity. Chris King of Creative Keys has been speaking to groups for more than 18 years and has launched a special website to help both the aspiring and veteran speaker. You will find it along with more than 85 helpful articles and tips at Powerful Presentations , along with her popular e-book, How to Leave Your Audiences Begging for More.

Presenting Tips: Pick topics you are passionate about. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Be your unique self — if you try to copy another speaker or be a speaker for everyone, you are courting disaster!

On-line Communications: In today's global economy, for credibility and ease of communicating, we are expected to have a website with the additional means of keeping in touch with an e-zine (also called an e-newsletter). Chris King of Creative Keys has been developing and designing websites since 1999 for solo-preneurs, non-profits and small businesses. In August of 2002, she started her bi-weekly e-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri, and has already quintupled her subscriber list (sign up below). Let Chris help you create your Website and/or E-newsletter.

On-line Communication Tips: Make sure that your website downloads quickly and is customer-centered. This means that it should be clean, user friendly and easy to navigate. No-one is going to wait for a flashy splash page, or stay on a site where they can't find what they are searching for. For e-zines, be sure that everyone who receives your e-zine has opted-in/subscribed.


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We never sell names and/or e-mail addresses, and if you ever wish to "opt-out" that's never a problem.

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