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When I started doing the research for this book, I knew that my own experience as a Portfolio Careerist (having more than one career at the same time) wasn’t going to be enough. After all, those of us who love and maintain Portfolio Careers also love the variety and thrive on doing things our own way. So, I put out a call to those I knew have or have had Portfolio Careers and would be willing to answer a series of questions.

I had a wonderful, thoughtful, and enlightening response from the following thirteen Portfolio Careerists: Susan Henderson, Lyle Lachmuth, Anne-Marie Lawes, Diana Lindstrom, Tito de Morais, Steve Otto, Rose Owens, Prafulla C. Pande, Terry Rezek, Cris Riedel, Joy Sawatzky, Ellouise Schoettler, and Tom Varjan.

So, You will benefit from the wisdom and experiences of fourteen Portfolio Careerists.

BUT, and it is a big BUT, don’t even consider spending a penny, unless you are committed to working through the more than six main sections consisting of tips, tricks, truths, techniques, topics and text. There are thirteen chapters, real life case studies, and a plethora of useful resources. The operative word is “working.”



Is This You?

  • You value flexibility and enjoy the variety of working on several different tasks/ projects at the same time.
  • You are a risk taker and don't listen to the naysayers.
  • You would prefer to have a low paying job that you "love" than a high paying job that you "hate."
  • You embrace and thrive on change and enjoy challenges.
  • You know of possible careers that you would "love" but that don't pay enough for total financial security.
  • You would be delighted to have several streams of passive income.
  • You are self-directed and self-disciplined and can work well under pressure.
  • You are not driven by others' opinions and comments.

If any of the above statements describe you, you have come to the right place!

“It has been quite a long time that I have been browsing your site and found the site really interesting. It is not only informative and helpful in an effective way but lots of variations in topics made it truly a fantastic site for presentation.”
Ezaz Ahmed, ezaz_ahmed@hotmail.com

Who is Chris King, anyway?

I, Chris King of Creative Keys, have been a Portfolio Careerist all my life and have lived a freelance lifestyle for more than 22 years. A human development specialist, artist, storyteller, trainer, consultant, web site designer, TV announcer, group fitness instructor, model, mathematician, marketing manager, newspaper editor, salesperson, waitress, writer, speaker and mother of five are some of the careers and personas that have given me creative expertise and lots of material for this e-manual.

Chris King


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What Is Unique about "Portfolio Careers: How You Can Reap the Rewards

At this point, you are wondering, “How and why can this E-book help me any more than any of the other books written about careers?”

Yes, I recommend many other books that are excellent and filled with great information. The main differences between my new E-book and the others are:

  • Attitude. I know for a fact that no matter where you fit - from fear to finesse - you have what it takes to become a Successful and Fulfilled Portfolio Careerist. If I can believe in you, you can believe it too, and achieve it as long as you commit to taking the steps.
  • Experiences. You will live my experiences and those experiences of other Successful Portfolio Careerists. Observing, learning, making mistakes, and working with a variety of careers. You will read about what it takes!
  • Simple Truths. Rather than writing what I think you want to read and hear, I have written about the way it is - at least, in my opinion and the opinions of my dedicated contributors. I have worked hard to focus on the basics - making complex ideas easy to grasp.
  • Personal Stories. You will find personal stories intertwined throughout. As a marketer, you will learn that stories add interest and are easily internalized and remembered. Stories reach into the hearts of our readers and clients. They show them and us that we are human.
“I just love your enthusiasm, it jumps off the pages.”
Jonathan Bailey, New York Storyteller and Writer

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What’s Actually Included? What Will I Learn?

There are thirteen major chapters and thirteen real life case studies. There is also an additional listing of Resources of Interest, including books, websites, and groups.

To whet your interest the following are the major chapters with a few of the highlights of what is covered in each chapter:

Part I:
Six Honest Serving Men

This section includes the following chapters (all expanded with many examples):

  • Chapter 1: What Is a Portfolio Career? Discover the three types, eight qualities of a Clarification List, and the link to the Portfolio Career Self Test Assessment
  • Chapter 2: Why Pursue a Portfolio Career? Pros and Cons. 35 Pros, including bullet points and 13 Cons.
  • Chapter 3: When Should I Start a Portfolio Career? Three necessary conditions of comfortable change, along with nine tips relating to the whens.
  • Chapter 4: How Will I Successfullyt Handle a Portfolio Career? Nine beliefs, approaches, and procedures, along with eleven qualities that define Professionalism.
  • Chapter 5: Where Will I Find Careers to Add to My Portfolio? Five questions to ask yourself how to pursue and perform, along with two fun and useful exercises.
  • Chapter 6: Who? Am I Someone Who Could Handle a Portfolio Career? Would I Love Having One? A 20 statement assessment with scoring.

Part II:
Applying the Prosper System

  • Chapter 7: Passion. “Passion is the genesis of genius.” - Tony Robbins. Make sure that you have a passion for the careers in your portfolio. That is one of the biggest advantages to choosing a portfolio career. You get to choose the careers that you love.
  • Chapter 8: Relationships. “You don't have to buy from anyone. You don't have to work at any particular job. You don't have to participate in any given relationship. You can choose.” - Harry Browne. People will buy your services and products when they know, like and trust you.
  • Chapter 9: Opportunities. “There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” — Wayne Dyer. Includes four red flags to indicate possible fake or fraudulent opportunities.
  • Chapter 10: Staying Power. “Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” - Napoleon Hill. We can also call “Staying Power” Perseverance.
  • Chapter 11: Personality. “You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand. Image means personality. Products, like people, have personalities, and they can make or break them in the market place.” - David Ogilvy
  • Chapter 12: Energy. A lot of writers about business and entrepreneurship are extolling the virtues of energy – having it, using it, and maintaining it.
  • Chapter 13: Risk.Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.” - Ray Bradbury, American writer. Go for it!


"Chris- Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation on Saturday at the CDPUG Web SIG. You are a wonderful presenter, are warm and funny, and very knowledgeable. I admire your ability to learn/tackle new technologies and programs."
Janet Dodrill, Former Director of Web Services, Marketing Department, The Cleveland Institute of Art, http://www.cia.edu

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Part III:
Case Studies of Contributors' Portfolio Careers


And, that is just a quick, down and dirty synopsis of what you will find in each of the fully packed chapters. There is much, much more. Throughout this helpful E-book manual, I remind you often that I am as close as my e-mail address (chris@creativekeys.net) and/or telephone (440-918-1313) if you have any questions or concerns about the content.

" I know this is long, Chris, but I just had to let you know the GROWTH that has taken place with me in the past few months. You are responsible for assisting with keeping me feeling empowered and motivated. I continue to read your newsletters with anticipation and knowing that I will always learn something in doing so. Thanks for your leadership - for your zest for living - and for passing on to others the fruits of your labors!
Gratefully, Carolyn Ausborn, owner/trainer, Care-A-Lot ECE Training & Consulting, "The Spirit of Caring in Action" carolynskorner@aol.com

How to Order:

Portfolio Careers: How You Can Reap the Rewards - Wait a minute - let me tell you about the bonuses that are added into your order for no extra charge:

Bonus #1. How to Create an Elevator Speech that Guarantees Results: The What, Why, Where, When, to Whom, and How of Elevator Speeches.
Written by Chris King, Professional Speaker, Writer and Storyteller, who has been presenting for more than 18 years, this Special Report covers the following: What is an “elevator speech” anyway? Why work on preparing an “elevator speech”? Where and when do I use this “elevator speech? And much more.

Bonus #2. 125 Ways to Develop Your Personal and Professional STYLE
What will make you memorable? What gives you an aura, charisma and the ability to feel at ease in social and business situations? STYLE. By developing your own personal and professional STYLE, you will live your life on purpose - with class, pleasure and success in every area. A Portfolio Careerist must have STYLE. This Special Report tells you how.

Bonus #3. How to Invigorate Your Life and Career through Exercise: The Benefits, Steps, Tips, Procedures, Practices and Myths including 10 Benefits of Physical Fitness and Exercise; 8 Steps on How to Get Started in a Successful Fitness Routine; 13 Exercise Tips, Practices and Procedures; and 9 Common Myths of Exercise and Physical Fitness.

Bonus #4. Fitness Methods, Exercise and Tools: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
A Portfolio Careerist must be fit, healthy and full of vigor. In these two Special Reports by Chris King, an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) Certified Group Fitness Instructor who has taught fitness classes for twenty one years, you will learn how.

Bonus #5. One hour of free consultation on the telephone with Chris King.
You will be sent an assessment form to uncover your biggest challenges and/or burning questions, so we will have a good starting place for our discussion.

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So, What Does All of This Cost?

This E-book along with the bonuses costs only $77.00. You can't beat that for all of the help and information you receive!

The Good News

There is a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! And, a lifetime of success and pleasure to gain.


For a mere $10 more, add two brand new Special Reports - Hot Off the Press:

How to Add the Power of Story to Your Marketing
Yes, stories have power - especially when you are marketing and selling. This report covers the why, when, what, how, where and who of storytelling. It not only answers your questions, it includes what makes an effective story and plenty of helpful resources.

Getting the Word Out by Creating Dynamic Newletters: Ins and Outs of Both Print and Electronic Versions
Written by Chris King, Professional Speaker, Writer and Storyteller, who has been publishing on and off the Internet for more than 21years, this Special Report covers the following: General Decisions: Steps to Take and Plans to Make, General Suggestion and Truths to Keep in Mind for All Newsletters, and  the Ins and Outs of Creating Print and Digital Newsletters: Why? When? Who? What? Where? and How?

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