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Chris King

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In addition to speaking engagements and storytelling performances for all ages, Chris King of Creative Keys presents the following coaching programs: both one-on-one and with small groups.
You Have a Great Story. Let Me Help You Tell It!

Many speakers, writers and marketers have asked me about how one creates a superb signature story. I now have the solution for you.

I have set up a new service where I will work with you over the telephone on your story. We will meet twice for forty five minutes each time. I will send you a form to guide you in creating your story before the first meeting to give us a start.

By the end of the second “story session” you will have your own unique signature story to use and WOW them in your presentations – whether spoken or written.

The total cost for the helpful questionnaire, the Storytelling Special Report and the two telephone sessions is only $117.

Questions? E-mail me at with “Signature Story” in the subject line.

How to Work Part-time - Full-time, and Enjoy Every Minute: Discover and examine the Who, Why, What, Where, When, and How of a Portfolio Career (having two or more professions).


  1. To introduce and discuss the advantages of adopting a Portfolio Career as an alternative to full time work for one organization.
  2. To establish what it takes to handle a Portfolio Career successfully and with enjoyment.
  3. To generate ideas about how the individual participant can proceed with his/her own Portfolio Career.
How to Use Storytelling as a Powerful Communication Tool: We pay attention to, listen to, remember, and internalize stories. You will learn what makes a successful story, how to tell a story that captivates, and how work on your own story.


  1. To discuss the power of storytelling as a communication tool at work, home, and play.
  2. To learn the elements of a successful story and how to share that story so it captivates.
  3. To generate and share ideas for the individual participant's story and start a story.
How to Create a Dynamic and Effective Newsletter (print and/or electronic): Whether you are creating a newsletter to market yourself or your group, to inform and share information, or to further the appreciation for your passion, you will learn how to capture your audience using practical techniques.


  1. To learn, examine and discuss the necessary elements of a successful newsletter and the differences between print and electronic newsletters.
  2. To explore the techniques (including content, writing, style, layout, design, printing/e-mailing and public relations) that work together to produce a winning publication.
  3. To create a rough draft that the individual participant can use to start his/her own newsletter.
Discover Your Core Passion - What is Your Personal Mission? We are all familiar with goal setting, but how do you set goals if you don't know what it is you want? In this workshop you will learn techniques, principles and exercises to uncover your core passion, to define your personal mission and devise a workable plan for accomplishing it.


  1. To examine and discuss ways to discover our "purpose."
  2. To find what we truly value and the "shoulds" that keep us from living our values.
  3. To create a beginning draft of a personal mission statement.

How to Establish a Professional Presence on the Internet: By establishing a presence on the Internet, we not only gain credibility and visibility, we also develop a bond with those who visit our website, read our e-mails and/or e-zines, read articles we have written or purchase our e-books and/or special reports.

  1. To discover the necessary steps to market through e-mail and/or e-zines (e-newsletters).
  2. To examine the dos and don'ts of a successful website that attracts many visitors and establishes rapport with them.
  3. To learn the ins and outs of creating salable e-books and/or special reports.
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