3 places Cam Newton can relaunch his career in 2021


Cam Newton may be looking to relaunch his career in several different places in 2021.

Cam Newton entered Thursday night’s game is looking to keep his New England Patriots in the hunt for the AFC playoffs. Instead, he was benched in the fourth quarter after going 9/16 for 119 yards and no touchdowns.

Los Angeles Rams loss could give Bill Belichick pause forward to next season and got to see Jarrett Stidham entered for the last three games this year. Newton didn’t come and play like his former MVP, so both sides may want to part ways and hope a change is best for everyone.

So where can Newton go in 2021 to relaunch his career? Let’s look at several possibilities.

Potential destinations for Newton in 2021

3. Washington Football Team

Connecting here is easy. Ron Rivera and Cam Newton spent nearly a decade together in Carolina and may reunite in Washington. Alex Smith’s death cap value drops to $10.8 million and the team could decide to part ways barring some sort of heroic playoff run. Even then, Smith could retire after a great final season that didn’t even seem possible a few years ago.

Dwayne Haskins is likely stuck in a substitute role and Kyle Allen will come out of a nasty injury. Newton can show up with a one-year contract and see if the relationship with his former coach gives him a boost.

If he stinks, Haskins will have had more time to develop and Allen could be back and ready to go. Another one-year contract provides a release if the magic isn’t there, and having two young quarterbacks on the roster serves as an insurance policy.


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