Amazon will offer 30 days of free access to Yousician’s digital music learning service alongside select instrument purchases – marking the first time Yousician has aligned with a third party to offer a digital learning solution with a purchase of consumer products –

NEW YORK, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amazon and Yousician, the world’s leading music education service, are collaborating to help inspire the next generation of musicians. Beginning October 24, consumers who purchase a qualifying musical instrument from Amazon stores will receive, as an additional gift with purchase, 30-day free access to Yousician Premium+, making it easy for any beginner to start learning an instrument. Yousician has set a new standard in music education with its playful approach to learning to play an instrument. Its platform offers thousands of interactive guitar, bass, piano, ukulele and vocal lessons to quickly learn how to play your favorite songs from hundreds of artists from all musical spectrums: from Coldplay and Adele to Billie Eilish, Metallica and many others. others.

Amazon, whose Amazon Alexa fund invested in Yousician’s $28 million Series B funds in April 2021, is collaborating with Yousician for the first time to create this special bundle. Yousician still offers new users the option to receive a 7-day free subscription, but with this collaboration, they will get 30 days free. This is the first time that Yousician has collaborated with another company for a set of consumer products.

Yousician’s approach to music education uses innovative audio recognition technology that differentiates the platform from its competitors. The audio feature listens to the user play and provides real-time feedback. The gamified experience is that of an on-demand music school with world-class instructors at the helm to guide interactive learning for users of all skill levels.

Chris Thür, co-founder and CEO of Yousician, said: “Through our collaboration with Amazon, we make it very easy for people to start their musical hobby. Get the instrument delivered to your home, download the Yousician app and start playing. It’s that simple. Customers trust Amazon’s seamless retail experience, and millions of people trust Yousician to learn how to play an instrument. We’re looking forward to bringing Yousician to Amazon customers and helping them start their musical journey.

Yousician recently teamed up with multi-Grammy and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame award-winning band Metallica to create 3 beginner-friendly lessons with step-by-step tutorials straight from the band so users can learn the songs as they do. re intended to be played directly by the band itself.

Amazon customers will receive a special code with their qualifying instrument purchase that will give them 30 days free access to Yousician Premium+. Premium+ access on Yousician includes unlimited lessons and thousands of songs to learn. No credit card is required to take advantage of the offer. The promotion will start October 24 and run in United States for a period of 1 year.

Yousician is the world’s leading platform for learning and playing music, driven by the belief that the more people play music, the better the world will be. With a combined total of 20 million monthly users, the platform’s breakthrough products, Yousician and GuitarTunaare leaders in their field.

Yousician has revolutionized the way people learn and play music with innovative technology that gives players real-time feedback. It offers interactive guitar, bass, ukulele, piano and vocal learning with lessons, exercises and songs.

GuitarTuna is the world’s #1 instrument tuner, delivering the fastest, easiest, and most accurate tuning anytime, anywhere. Users can experience over 100 chords on 15 instruments, including chromatic and custom options. And GuitarTuna’s new Play feature introduces “Smart Scroll” AI technology that makes it the app of choice for tuning and playing for guitarists everywhere.

Yousician and GuitarTuna are available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. The Yousician platform can be used on any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. GuitarTuna is available on all mobile devices or tablets.

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