‘Andy Jam’ organized to support scholarship to Police Academy


The 3rd Annual “Andy Jam” was held at the barn earlier today.

The event started at noon and had multiple groups, raffles, raffles and more to support Andy Quinn’s life.

Proceeds from the event go toward a scholarship for students to attend Zane State Police Academy, Andy Quinn’s dream job.

Her father and event planner, Paul Quinn, says he believed the scholarship helped the whole community.

“Now more than ever, I think qualified and quality law enforcement officers are needed more than ever. Certainly one way of doing that is by allowing someone to attend the police academy who might not have the chance. We are all invested in the community and want a safe community.

In the past, the event has raised over $4,000.

Barn owner Jim Watson says it’s always good to work together to bring out talented local musicians.

“We have collaborated on different music festivals and things like this. We also do one for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and to fight addiction and raise awareness about mental illness in the fall and we’ve been doing it for 8 years. So Paul has a great, extensive network of musicians that he’s worked with at different events and we have lots of friends and of course the home of live music in Zanesville is here at the Grange.

The event had sounds for 11 hours, including sounds from the Quinn Family, Rolling Rockers, Steve Spiers, Matt Frampton and Grounded.


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