Annual Arkansas Quiz Bowl produces seven high school champion teams


The 2022 Arkansas Quiz Bowl Champions were decided in the State Conference Finals held April 23 at Arkansas PBS.

The Quiz Bowl contest is a celebration and recognition of scholarship broadcast by Arkansas PBS since 1985.

In a series of questions, players must display their knowledge of literature, math, science, history, art, music, and economics. Teams from across the state compete for the chance to represent Arkansas in national tournaments.

Here are the first-place winners and runners-up by conference tier, as provided by Arkansas PBS:

1A — First place: Haas Hall Academy at Rogers. The team members were John Martin, Caleb Campbell, Devlin Zamarron, Meera Arunkumar, Andrew Pleiman, Ellora Tannahill and Nathan Whitacre. Laronda Bailey was the coach. The assistant coach was Stephanie Zamarron.

Finalist: Norfork High. The team members were Emily Sechrest, Elliott Ruegsegger, Madison Hall, Trakker Estes, Jesse Maple, Dakota Biggerstaff, Jimmy Foster, Ethan Terrill, and Billy Branscum. The coaches were Pam Braun and Stacy Havner.

2A — First place: Haas Hall Academy in Bentonville. The team members were Jack Rockwood, Jack Corbin, Paige Kelly, Harsha Nannapaneni, Ahilan Eraniyan, Alex Moeller, Medhansh Sankaran, Wyatt Corbin, Hollin Glaze and Ethan Bailey. The coach was Anjeanette Levings. Dustin Bailey was the assistant coach.

Finalist: Life Way Christian in Centerton: The team members were: Asa Fowler, Osten Sutherland, Immanuel Peter and Jackson Miller.

3A — First place: Mountain View High. The team members were Luke Fletcher, Nate Franks, Beau Turner, Ben Bishop, Trent Wickham, Evan Fowlkes, Daniel Henley, Riley Hart, Kylah Rogers, D’lonra Sutterfield, Rhett Avey and Austin McDonald. The coach was Allen Bishop.

Finalist: Centerpoint High. The team members were Jayden McCormick-Drye, Hayden Rogers, Dathan Vaught, Ben Williams, Juan Perez, Abigail Spurlin, Easton Taylor, Carlie Neel, Katie Clinton, Anna Sutton and Rachel Kelley. Joanna Sutton was the coach and the assistant coach was Melinda Frizzell.

4A — First place: Subiaco Academy. The team members were Joshua Bowman, Adam Donaldson, Jaxon Perreault, Ryan Chung, Joey Flores, Connor Wasielewski, Jeffrey Isbell, Xander Rankin, Evan Everett, Alan Calvillo, and Korbin Hawkins. The coach was Larry Perreault.

Finalist: Berryville High. The team members were Brody Perkins, Samuel Ball, Tayvyn Putman, Mason Mabry, Moses Garcia, Abby Smith, Nolan Bryant and Nic Mabry. The coach was Melissa Mease and the assistant was Andy Sinay.

5A — First place: Batesville High. The team members were Alexander Tenance, Noah Chaffin, Ty Bishop, Charles Stinnett, Chris Richardson and Dylan Story. The coach was Bryce Grant and the assistant coach was Robert Seat.

Finalist: Valley View High. The team members were Conner Bradway, Maggie Gao, Elizabeth Jones, Jack Lee, Kennedy Maloney, Meredith Eagle, Abigail Scott and Lawrence King. The coach was Travis Crader and the assistant coach was Paige Jones.

6A — First place: Russellville High. The team members were Tyler Mitts, Claryn Nupp, Justin Contreras, Dev Donda, Hayden Daniel, Avery Feemster, Autumn Sanchez, Sherlyn Escobar, Aileen Pineda, Anthony Rivas, Eden Robbins, Raynee Bacorn, Cindy Suviaz, Michael Colburn, Crawford Rash, Greg Simpson, Devin Qualls and Zion McArthur. Paul Gray was the coach. The assistant coaches were Johnny Barham and Steven Quoss.

Finalist: Benton High. The team members were Joe Dorsey, Joseph Morris, Emma Dudley, Graham Eisele, Jon Dorsey, Erin Brasher, Owen Schwartz, Clara Ehorn, Olivia Kreulen, Ethan King, Blake Covert and Natalie Williams. The coach was Michelle Hastings.

7A — First place: Fort Smith Southside High. The team members were Sam Pritchard, Callie Shannon, Vivian Apple, Victor Nguyen, Tzideny Romero, Isabel Nuno, Andrea Ortega, Dipa Patel, Zain Rana, Jackson Austin, Jordan Kennedy and Jackson Miller. The coach was Josh Adams and the assistant coach was Walter Woodie.

Finalist: Rogers High. The team members were John Seabolt, Zane Milam, Rune Hawkins, EV Beyers, Nick Robinson, Michael Trujillo, Adrian Salazar, Tobin Potts, Deven Nguyen, John Sublette, Charlie Zheng, Max Delgado, and Daniel Camacho.

The Arkansas Governor’s Quiz Bowl Association awarded $3,000 in scholarships to each first-placed team and $1,500 in scholarships to each runner-up team.

All matches will be available for viewing on the Arkansas PBS YouTube channel at by Friday.

The Arkansas Governor’s Quiz Bowl Association holds regional tournaments throughout the state in March. Teams are assigned to a site and a random draw places the teams on the pairing schedule. A percentage of teams in the tournament advance to the state tournament. The top two teams in each ranking advance to the State Conference Finals.

Major funding for “Quiz Bowl 2022” is provided by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.


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