Body camera video shows alleged excessive force in arrest of Orange County man


A month after his arrest during a traffic stop, Kendric Crawford gives his version of the facts for the first time

ORANGE, Texas — It’s been a month since Kendric Crawford ended up in a hospital bed.

Her face is healing and the stitches on her eyebrow have been removed, but her healing continues.

“I have no feeling in any part of my hand,” Crawford told 12News. “The right side of the left hand, there’s no feeling in there. I have a rib that bothers me a bit.

Crawford’s injuries stem from a July 6, 2019 arrest in Baytown. According to Baytown police, they approached Crawford in an HEB parking lot after noticing him back and forth and circling the parking lot.

12News obtained six minutes and 48 seconds of body footage from the night of the arrest. Baytown police released part of the body camera video, saying they wanted to be transparent and provide context for the arrest.

It is unclear which part of the video was not released by the police.

In the video, you can hear officers confront Crawford. Officers can be heard asking Crawford where he is trying to go. Crawford says he was looking for his GPS, and after being asked, he allows police to look around his car.

“Is it cool that I make sure there’s nothing wrong with the car today?” a policeman is heard asking.

Crawford replied, “If you want to search the car, you can search it.”

After a few minutes, Crawford starts questioning the police and tells them he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

“When am I free to go?” Crawford is heard asking an officer.

“Every time,” an officer replies.

That’s when a second policeman finds a plastic bag containing pills inside the car.

Police are trying to place Crawford under arrest, but they say he was resisting. In the body camera video, you can see police force Crawford to the ground. There is a visible struggle between Crawford and the officer trying to handcuff him. After several verbal warnings, the policeman uses his taser on Crawford.

“I wasn’t about to expect this type of event at the end of the day,” Crawford said. “I thank God for getting me through this.”

Crawford says the pills found in his trunk were antibiotics. The police sent the pills to a lab for testing, but they did not release those results. So far, he has only been charged with assaulting a police officer.

“I hate that I had to experience people going to that degree,” Crawford said.

MORE | GoFundMe for Kendric Crawford -officers-on-antibiotics/5389458/ -3fa19a2e-4336-4c6f-94c8-23bde1c4e67b Dear world, we are facing a serious life-threatening Delima in OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM. Sadly, Mr. Kedric Crawford is one of thousands, if not millions, who nearly lost their lives at the hands of OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM.

Crawford hired nationally known civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who has taken on high-profile cases from Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown. He believes the police are trying to ‘whitewash’ the investigation and point to an unidentified man from the body camera video who can be seen assisting in the arrest.

The man is not wearing a police uniform and the police have not explained why he was there and helping. A spokesperson for the Baytown Police Department told 12News he could not provide details as it was an ongoing investigation.

Crawford and his family are also pushing the police to release any body camera footage related to his arrest.

“We want the pictures. We’re not going to let this go, not this time,” family spokesman Minister Jeremiah said.

12News has officially requested the full body camera video under Texas Public Information Law. We are still awaiting a response to this request.

Baytown police have not identified the two officers involved in Crawford’s arrest. They said the two officers had been with the force for less than two years. Both men are still on duty while the incident is investigated.


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