Bondi Beach Surf Report, Live Surf Cams & 16 Day Surf Forecast


One of Sydney’s few south-facing beaches, Bondi is an iconic, crowded surf spot that typically features straight sandbars: constantly producing closures on medium to heavy swells. Works best on short bursts of south to southeast wind at 6-9 second bursts, usually at mid to high tide. Very occasionally produces good to excellent shoals that can handle a solid swell. When the weather is warm and sunny and the swell is low, you can expect dangerously crowded closures. Its exposure to the S swell often means there will be waves when the rest of Sydney is flat – and its protection from the summer northeast means that while the rest of the city’s beaches are sea-torn Dominant onshore, Bondi is clean and glassy.

Capacity level

All Abilities

Beginner to advanced depending on size

Local atmosphere


Incredibly packed with learners and intermediate surfers on short hot sunny days. Can turn into a dangerous free for all as the surf tag goes out the window. When it gets bigger and/or half decent, the inhabitants come out of the woodwork and a pecking order is established.

Punctual classification


Usually somewhere below average.

Water quality

To clean

clean most of the time


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