Bourns Family Youth Innovation Center


Posted: 02/28/2022

9595 Miller Street, Riverside, CA 92503

The Bourns Family Youth Innovation Center is Riverside’s newest community center and was designed to provide young Riversiders with innovative technologies to inspire them to explore their interests in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).

With state-of-the-art equipment and a mission to help propel Riverside into an innovative future, the center offers free and paid activities. Students can register to receive certifications, career advancement and vocational technical education (CTE), test preparation and academic assistance, arts, computer courses, music and film production, etc


A 1,465 square foot multipurpose room with a laser cutter, 3D printers, sewing and embroidery machines, Cricut machines and enough workspace for the best crafting experience

A Computer room with 16 computer stations and free computer access for visitors

A formal classroom for contract courses, seminars and workshops

A beautiful living room where visitors are invited to sit, meet, work and play, using a digital wall, games consoles and integrated charging stations

A movie studio complete with voice and recording booths, green screen, cameras, lighting and everything you need to produce your show, short film or soundtrack

A collaborative space with tables and seats, where visitors are invited to take a break and snack while doing their homework, reading or just relaxing with a drink

Through the use of these spaces, visitors can gain hands-on experience while harnessing their skills in music production, computer coding, filmmaking, 3D printing, digital photography and more!

Introducing young Riversides to professionals and services that promote and enhance learning can increase the chances of lifelong success. The center’s goal is to prepare Riverside residents for success by providing a safe environment that fosters collaboration, learning and creativity.

It is one of the most important goals of the City to provide support programs and amenities to further develop the literacy, health and education of children, youth and the elderly throughout the community. . Through BFYIC, the Town of Riverside is proud to offer these diverse community experiences and opportunities for personal enrichment to its residents of all ages.

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