Brian Hurren of Runrig to open music school in Falkirk


Brian Hurren of Runrig is opening a new music school in Falkirk in hopes of involving more young people in the instruments.

The acclaimed musician and producer runs BHMA in Stirling, but now thinks it’s time to get Falkirk up to speed with the opening of his new studio at The Tattie Kirk, at 40 Cow Wynd.

Students will have the choice of focusing on learning a specific instrument or taking the opportunity to learn the range of instruments they offer with keyboard, piano, guitar, drums, bass and tech lessons. musical.

Brian, who was born and raised in Falkirk, says it has always been a dream to have a school in the city.

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He added: “I had music lessons at Cow Wynd when I was young, that’s where my passion for music started. I was lucky that playing music took me along. all over the world and gave me amazing experiences.

“I would like to pass on some of that knowledge and that passion, where it started.

“A lot of people remember learning an instrument when they were young and for many it was not a pleasant experience, and they gave up.

“Yet young people love to join groups and work creatively with their friends. Music is a social activity, so we often put students in groups during class, we have found that this kind of peer learning works so much better than sitting a kid on top of theirs in front of a book for an hour. “

The venue, which officially opens on Wednesday December 1, is organizing a special open house on Saturday November 27, between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.

For more information contact: [email protected]


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