Brockton High School Gets Metal Detectors, New Principal Cynthia Burns


BROCKTON – Passage metal detectors have been leased by Brockton Public Schools on a temporary basis for Brockton High School.

The move was approved by the school committee in an emergency meeting on October 23.

This was an additional security measure put in place at the school following several firearms incidents.

The school department also announced that the high school has a new principal.

The school issued a stay-in-place order on Friday after administrators learned of a Snapchat photo showing student with magazine clip in his belt.

At the school emergency committee meeting on Saturday, Schools Superintendent Michael Thomas told the board that the photo appeared to have been taken inside the Brockton High cafeteria in September, but posted on the morning of October 22.

Following:Brockton High student arrested for allegedly bringing gun to school

The student has been removed from the school and will face an expulsion hearing and face criminal charges, officials said.

The metal detection gantries are an improvement of the portable metal detectors that were used as a result of an incident on October 8, where a student brought a gun to school.

Brockton Police Officer Stanley David is on duty outside Brockton High School on Wednesday October 13, 2021.

The plan is to rent 10 direct-access metal detectors that will cost the school system $ 7,000 per month starting Oct. 25, Thomas said at the school’s emergency committee meeting on Saturday.

There will be one at the main entrance and two for each of the four buildings designated by color and an additional detector that could be moved depending on which buildings there is an additional need.

The committee is also considering going through metal detectors at sporting events at Marciano Stadium.

“We have to do everything we can to ensure that there is nothing going in here,” Thomas said.

Students enter Brockton High School on Wednesday October 13, 2021.

In addition, the school committee decided that students are now only allowed to bring a bag the size of their district laptop or smaller, measuring approximately 10 inches wide and 15 inches long.

Any additional sports or music bags must be dropped off before school, before a student enters their respective colored building, either the gymnasium or the fine arts building, respectively.

Students will be encouraged to bring see-through backpacks to school, and Brockton Public Schools will provide backpacks for those who cannot comply with the new rule.

Now in place to enforce discipline is Cynthia burns who is the new principal of Brockton High School, effective October 25.

Brockton High School's new principal Cynthia Burns in a 2019 photo

Burns, a Brockton resident, had previously been the director of the Keith Center in Brockton since 2015 and has worked in the district for 24 years.

“Like all of you, I have been sorely disappointed with the incidents that have taken place at BHS since the start of the school year and I want to be very clear, I will not let the nefarious actions of a few students be a distraction or scare. the thousands of students doing the right thing. Enough is enough, ”Burns said in a written statement Friday.

Susan England, deputy director of the Keith Center, has been appointed interim director of Champion High School and Frederick Douglass Academy.

Burns will remain temporarily principal of the Brockton Virtual Learning Academy until a replacement is found.

Former Brockton High School principal Clifford Murray will move to a new position at the district level, said Brockton Public Schools spokesperson Jess Silva-Hodges.

Murray will be responsible for allocating nearly $ 34 million in funds receivable under the Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Third Cycle (ESSER III), as well as millions to be received through the Student Opportunity Act which revised the funding of schools. formula in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Murray’s move to the district level was already underway, Hodges said, and the announcement of his move on Friday would have taken place regardless of the gun-related incident at Brockton High on Friday morning.

“I know she is the best possible leader to restore our community’s trust in Brockton High School,” Thomas said in a written statement.

Next school committee meeting on November 16 at Arnone school at 7 p.m.

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