Cam Heyward delivers both on and off the pitch for Pittsburgh


The Pittsburgh Steelers were fortunate in Mike Tomlin’s day to see great human beings wearing black and gold. And when I say great human beings, I’m referring to the players who came out and did their part to make the community a better place.

Unfortunately, too many NFL stories stem from the negative: arrests, unruly behavior, and even suspensions following substance abuse. While negative stories often make a difference in the media, it is also important to recognize and appreciate those who are doing good in their respective communities.

For the current Steelers team, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who does more in the Pittsburgh community than Cam Heyward. Heyward developed his foundation, The Heyward House, in hopes of making the Pittsburgh area a better place, and he has more than succeeded so far.

While some gamer foundations focus on a single area, like providing school supplies to students in need, Heyward decided to take a broader approach to help. The Heyward House provides and supports the following services and initiatives:

  • The literacy project
  • COVID response
  • Voices of Hope scholarship
  • Acts of kindness
  • Cam Birthday Party
  • Craig’s Closet
  • Children’s bags
  • Help local students

Yes, you read that right. The Heyward House Foundation is involved in all of these great causes. The only underlying theme among all of the aforementioned causes is children. Heyward has always had a weakness for helping children, and helping children he does.

This desire to help children was born out of his own upbringing and the challenges he faced in his youth. House Heyward’s roots began early in Cam’s young life..

As a child, Cameron suffered from severe asthma. His condition required numerous hospitalizations, resulted in frightening close calls and made it seem impossible for him to play a sport, let alone a sport as physically demanding as football. This experience taught him not to take anything for granted – the right one Where the bad. He’s learned that just because someone else is doubting what your future may hold for you, you should never let it stop you. He is passionate about spreading this message to others.

Cam’s asthma struggles would be pale compared to the next life-changing event as a teenager: the death of her father, Craig Heyward. His father’s death was a devastating blow to everyone in his life, but especially his four sons. They have lost a parent, a friend and a role model. It also meant Cameron would be raised by a single mother. He learned first-hand the difficulties parents and children face when there is only one adult in the house or when a child’s family life is difficult. He knows how important it is for people in these situations to feel the support of the community around them and is determined to offer that support in any way possible.

After reading this, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Heyward wants to do whatever he can to help young people in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Whether it’s after-school fitness classes, youth soccer camps and leagues, youth basketball camps or even protecting children’s rights, Heyward is involved in all this, and more, thanks to its foundation.

Throughout his exciting and illustrious career, Heyward has been able to accumulate enormous statistics. In 149 games played for the Steelers, he has accumulated the following stats:

Tackling: 451 total / 287 solo
Quarter strokes: 136
Bags: 58
TFL: 86
INT: 1
Breakaway Recovery: 5

While these numbers will certainly be a reminder of him to members of the Steelers nation around the world, he will be remembered for a very different reason in the greater Pittsburgh area. They Heyward House does more than just connect with the Boys and Girls Club; it is designed to make its own difference in the community – a community that Heyward knows well, and to reach out to children who are feeling the same struggles Heyward felt in his youth.

The Steelers are better with Heyward in their roster, and the Pittsburgh area is better at having Heyward, too.

To donate, volunteer or get more information about The Heyward House, you can visit their official website HERE.

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