Cam Newton has already done enough to deserve a contract extension


Cam Newton has already proven he deserves a real contract with the Patriots.

What more do you need to see? Cam Newton made a seamless transition by taking over for Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots look like they could do great things this year. Tighten up the defense, determine the running game and this team could have a shot at rivaling the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens.

After a conservative Week 1 on offense, the Pats unleashed Newton in Week 2 against the Seahawks, and the former MVP threw for 397, rushed for 47 and scored three total touchdowns. He nearly grabbed his fourth on the last play of the game, but was stopped short of the goal line in a bid to give the Patriots the win in the dying seconds.

Newton has a solid understanding of attack and has clearly lost none of his passing ability. He was throwing with pinpoint accuracy and escaping the rush like we saw two years ago.

If he performs like this on his second start with a new team, in a completely different system, and after being a free agent for 86 nights, the Patriots need to act quickly before he further cements his value. New England has already stood out like bandits by guaranteeing him just $550,000 in 2020.

It’s time to offer him a lucrative three-year extension and give him a clear outlook for the foreseeable future. Newton has earned it, and at this point a downgrade in 2021 will hurt the Pats badly. He is already the undisputed leader of this team and has been dubbed ‘one of the hardest working players’ Bill Belichick has never seen.

The Patriots were lucky that no other team offered the former MVP a contract this offseason, which almost everyone knows at this point turns out to be malpractice on the part of the other general managers. of the league who need a quarterback.

And if New England’s future isn’t centered around Newton…where else are you going here? They’re far too good to land a top draft pick in 2021, and the free agency pipeline doesn’t offer superior options. Cam Newton is better than Jarrett Stidham.

Did you ever think that Newton was held back a bit in carolina? Aside from that short stint with Steve Smith Sr., Cam never really had a No. 1 wide. Tight end Greg Olsen led the team in receiving three times. The Panthers’ large receiving body was hardly a threat throughout his nine seasons in Carolina.

Now, although not much of an upgrade, it has Julian Edelman, N’Keal Harry and a talented backfield that boasts Sony Michel, Jacques White and Rex Burkhead, all of whom play a part in the rushing and receiving game. Plus, if you consider Josh McDaniels a superior offensive coordinator to Norv Turner, Mike Shula and Rob Chudzinski, it’s clear that Newton can reach heights he may not have seen before.

The Patriots system caters to the QB like no other, and with Newton’s dual threat abilities, McDaniels will be able to throw off opposing defenses as New England prepares for games week after week arguably better than any other NFL team.

There’s value in that too, which is why Newton deserves real money on top of that one-year deal, because he’s already proven himself capable of operating under unknown circumstances and complicated after only two weeks.


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