Cam Newton not getting a fair appraisal further complicates everything


Patriots QB Cam Newton isn’t rated fairly and that’s a problem.

At this point, every New England Patriots fan knows that Cam Newton is not the problem with this offense. You have seen the numbers. Tom Brady, until about a few weeks ago at this point last year, had an equally unproductive season from the point of view of efficiency. There’s a reason he left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Then you install Newton in this offense with even less weapons through opt-outs, free agency departures and injuries. The former MVP is a completely different quarterback and barely played in 2019, so on what planet were we going to get a fair assessment of the guy, especially during a season surrounded by the COVID-19 pandemic?

We were never going! And that only complicates things further for Newton and the Patriots, both as a single and separate entity.

Everyone laughs that Brady is having a successful season in Tampa Bay as the Patriots languish, but we know what would happen if Newton had Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, Cameron Brate, Ronald Jones and an offensive line stacked to work with. He would be fine. That’s all any Patriots fan was talking about last year! “Give Brady some guns!” What are you doing?”

What was an excuse for Brady cannot be an indictment for Newton.

But it’s especially bad for the Patriots because after Brady’s very uninspiring 2019, Newton’s horrible 2020 and the reluctance to give shots to Jarrett Stidham, there really is no clear path to follow. Newton’s free agency is naturally going to take even more because he hasn’t really proven much. The Patriots probably don’t know if it’s worth keeping Newton, even with their shortcomings on offense, because of everything that’s been stacked against him before this season. Like we said, no proper assessment at all.

A year isn’t long enough to determine if someone can grasp an entirely new offensive system. This current crop of offensive talent isn’t enough to push a young QB or rookie into the fire and trust the results. To put it simply, the Patriots are between the biggest rock ever and the toughest place ever.

This is why Newton and the Patriots are in such a situation. Maybe a meeting for 2021 under different circumstances is the only way to solve this problem.


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