Cam Newton smiling while receiving attention after a car accident because he is Cam Newton (Pictured)


Cam Newton was involved in a serious car accident on Tuesday, but like anything else, it wasn’t enough to break his spirits.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a fairly serious car accident Tuesday in Charlotte, and based on original photos of the crash, it appears Newton could be seriously injured.

While we don’t officially know the extent of any injuries he may have sustained, his spirit isn’t broken, that’s for sure.

As Newton was being cared for by medical staff on site, this photo was taken of the former Heisman winner, and of course he is smiling.

It is now official. There is nothing you can do to stop this man from smiling. We were skeptical about it for years, but no, this man has the wit most of us would absolutely kill to have in the toughest times.

Newton was driving down a one-way street when a car allegedly jumped in front of him. His car reportedly rolled over three times. The good news, however, is that reports indicate that there does indeed appear to be no serious injury to Newton.


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