Clydeview Academy Royal Conservatory Tour


YOUNG musical talents in the making were visited by a representative of a prestigious Scottish music school.

Leaving S6 students from Clydeview Academy were visited by talented designer Marlisa Ross from the Royal Conservatory to congratulate them on their volunteering efforts.

Molly Galbraith, Arianna Sinclair, Alex Jamieson, Isla McPherson and Jonathan Dobie participated in the prestigious music school’s “Musical Leaders” program during their senior year.

The young people organized a series of events, including a special Disney event which was enjoyed by all.

They also used their musical skills to teach the school song to new grade seven students.

Business Development Manager Marlisa, who praised the young people for their efforts, told the TV“The Music Leaders Program is a way for young people to develop their leadership skills in a creative way.

“I was really impressed with the way the Clydeview pupils completed their qualification, they showed real resilience and determination.”

Jonathan, 18, who is starting at Glasgow Clyde College, said: “We learned so much and were able to work together as a group – it was also a great way to meet new friends.”


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