Cops Arrest Three for Derogatory Remarks Against Muslim Women at Clubhouse | Bombay News


Mumbai Three Haryana youths have been arrested by Mumbai cyber cops after their derogatory and vulgar comments against women, especially Muslim women, surfaced on some groups on Clubhouse – an audio chat app.

One case was recorded after a video of the group’s vulgar and objectionable conversations was shared on various social media platforms.

Mumbai Police registered a case under Sections 153(a), 295(a), 354(a), 354(d), 500 and 509 of the IPC and Section 67 of the 2000 Act on information technology based on a complaint from a woman.

Police Commissioner Hemant Nagrale confirmed the breakthrough in the Clubhouse case.

Law enforcement sources said 19-year-old Akash Suyal, who is believed to be the moderator and main speaker of the two objectionable chat rooms, has been arrested. Class 12 fainting is from Karnal, Haryana. Two other defendants have been identified as Jaishnav Kakkar, 21, a business student, Yash Parashar, 22, a law student. Both are from Faridabad.

Defendant Jaishnav used ‘@jaishnav’ ID while Defendant Yash Parashar used ‘Sherisingh ka papa’, ‘biker gang 5′ and [email protected]_aala’ ID. Both were actively promoting discussions on chat rooms.

Two chat rooms were created in the Clubhouse app, where participants made derogatory statements about women and talked about the auction of female body parts, a crime branch official said.

A senior crime branch official said on Friday that a Twitter user named “Jaimine” posted videos from the Clubhouse app. Similarly, a video was shared from an Instagram account under the name “lotus watch”. These two Clubhouse chat room videos went viral on January 16 and 19, 2022. The moderator of these two groups was using a Kira XD ID which was used by the accused Akash Suyal.

Following this, an FIR was filed by an alerted citizen with the cyberpolice station on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. The complainant, who is a city IT professional, learned of the Clubhouse chat rooms through the through a friend. There were also female members in the chat rooms.

“The defendants repeatedly masked their virtual IDs to avoid getting caught. But using technical skills and expertise, we managed to unmask them, trace their locations and catch the culprits,” said DCP (Cyber) Dr Rashmi Karandikar.

A cyber police officer said that Clubhouse has a good user base in India, therefore, it is also their responsibility to control any misuse of their platform. “They must maintain their users’ algorithms and can prevent misuse of the platform,” the officer said.

“The complainant told police that she and her friend’s images were used in other Clubhouse chat rooms on October 27, 2021 and November 27, 2021. Members of these chat rooms used languages extremely dirty, vulgar and derogatory to women and also virtually auctioned women’s private parts,” said a cyber police officer.

Acting on the complaint, Mumbai Cyber ​​Police officials, through a technical investigation, traced the locations of those involved in creating the objectionable chat rooms and made arrests on Friday.

The three defendants are likely to be brought to Mumbai on Saturday for remand custody. We would take them to a local court and seek their referral for further investigation,” said Milind Bharambe, Co-Commissioner of Police, (Crime)

On Friday, Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi said after making breakthrough in Bulli Bai App case, Mumbai cyber police made another breakthrough and arrested youths in Clubhouse case.

Chaturvedi told Hindustan Times that people are discussing how to rape and exploit women, especially Muslim women. She tweeted on Friday morning: “Congratulations @MumbaiPolice they also cracked up on the Clubhouse cats and arrests have been made. Say no to hate. #Clubhouse.

In a two-minute video of the Clubhouse interaction shared on Twitter a few days ago, people were discussing the topic “Muslim girls are prettier than Hindu girls.”

Some members of the video said that every Muslim girl is ultimately a Hindu and her response was greeted with the chant “Jai Shri Ram”. Another participant in the group said that 70% of Muslims are converted, as the religion was founded much later.

Participants also said that “having sex with a Muslim girl is equivalent to building seven temples”, while another said it was even greater and equal to doing as much good as “tearing down the Babri Masjid”. .

Mumbai cyber police officials are analyzing the online activities of the defendants and are said to check if an ordinary person was behind the brainwashing of the youths. So far, cops haven’t found any conspiracy angles in the case, but they haven’t ruled the same out either.

Delhi Police are also investigating the case.


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