‘Drag Race’ star Symone is ‘trollified’


You probably didn’t have “Symone Becomes a Trolls Doll” on your 2022 bingo card, but that makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

When Good Luck Trolls’ Trollify approached the former drag race royal, they told her she had a completely blank canvas to work on.

“’You can do whatever you want to do,’ I was like, ‘Oh! OK! ‘” Symone reminded Nylon.

The first creative decision she finalized was the hairstyle for the doll. “Of course we did braids, which is a really big staple in my drag.”

Symone’s transformation is part of a partnership with NBCUniversal. It includes a donation to At Lucia’s“an Arkansas-based nonprofit that provides LGBTQIA+ young adults experiencing homelessness with resources ranging from toiletries and clothing to housing solutions, including rental assistance programs and public services”.

The doll is complete with hot pink hair, a stunning pink outfit, and jewelry inspired by the Ebony Enchantress’ unique outfit. “She’s something everyone can see a piece of themselves in. She’s a very happy doll,” Symone added.

Forever 21 is also launching a capsule collection that includes a cropped t-shirt inspired by the doll. You can buy the limited edition collection here.

Symone makes her romantic comedy debut

Symone won season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and recently starred in Billy Eichner’s new R-rated romantic comedy, Brothers. She plays Marty, the love interest of a couple becoming a throuple.

“When I saw Symone, who I think is such a superstar, I thought, I want a place for Symone at Bros,” Eichner said. EO. “I was thinking about the roles we had and I didn’t know if she would be interested in playing a character who was no longer hanging out, but I thought, why not use this as an opportunity?”

“They are just great performers in drag and off drag, they are great personalities. Symone, in particular, is so special and has so much star power, so we asked Symone to audition.

‘Drag Race’ star Symone gets ‘trollified’


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