Dublin School of Music hits all the right notes at Old Bawn


Craig Wynne at his new Dublin Music School on the premises of the Old Bawn Shopping Center

MUSIC, like everything else, suffered a lot during closures and restrictions with people unable to access meetings and events.

Months of inactivity can have consequences for a person who may have moved on by the time things reopened.

“The shift to online courses has helped keep us afloat during the pandemic, but if you stop playing music for a while some people never come back,” said Craig Wynne, owner of Dublin. School of Music, a Terenure-based company that recently opened new premises in the Old Bawn Shopping Center.

Now that things are opening up again, Wynne Schools welcome their clients for one-on-one training, which they believe is essential to developing the skills of an aspiring musician or singer.

“We favor in-house training. We have used online sparingly, if someone is a close contact, online is an option. Some of the music is routine, performed at the same time each week. It makes more sense to keep this routine rather than trying to catch up on two lessons the following week.

At the Dublin School of Music, they cater to all types of musical and sung tastes.

“In order, our most popular formation is the piano, the guitar, the vocals and the violin, but we also do the flute, which is great now, the saxophone, the clarinet, the drums”, a Craig said.

“We adapt for one to one. No two people do the same thing. You could start with a piano book, some will go like a rocket, others might say they enjoy it but would rather learn something more modern. You are constantly adjusting to suit their interests.

The school offered group training, but found the one-on-one course to work so much better for the individual.

“Even if a few friends sing together, there can be some inhibition. You can only really sing when you give her socks. Once they learn this, they are confident enough to go out and sing in front of others.

The school’s mission is to make music accessible to everyone, and its teachers pride themselves on being extremely client-focused and flexible to accommodate families’ arrangements and schedules.

A key learning objective is that the school is a “safe place to make a mistake”.

“It should be a safe space to make a mistake. Music is all about scaffolding, from level to level. You wouldn’t do fractions without learning how to multiply, ”Craig said.

“You can never train too much. Even for a beginner, kinda like two five minutes a day, and if you take exams up to 45 minutes a day.

“Mistakes are how you grow as a musician, and after all, if everyone could already play perfectly, they wouldn’t need a music school! “

Visit www.dublinschoolofmusic.ie for more information.


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