From feeling burned out to mole clinics, Dr. Zoe answers your health questions


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From feeling burned out to mole clinics, Dr. Zoe answers your health questionsCredit: Olivia West

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Q) I feel exhausted all the time. My bloods were good, any ideas? I have Covid anxiety – could this be it?

A) We GPs use an acronym for this. It’s TATT, which means “tired all the time”.

There are hundreds of possible causes, which can be physical, mental or social.

Often a specific cause is never found and things get better after a short time, but if this symptom of unexplained fatigue lasts for more than a few weeks it is best to see your GP to discuss it.

Although in your case the blood tests are normal, they are often done to check for things like anemia, an underactive or overactive thyroid, kidney function, and diabetes.

Some of the main causes are related to stress, sleep and our emotional health. And of course fatigue is a very common symptom of post-Covid syndrome, says Covid long.

It might be worth having another chat with your GP about anxiety, or even going for NHS talk therapy yourself at

There may also be ‘red flags’ which would mean your GP should be watching you very closely and considering further testing. These include things such as unintentional weight loss, persistent cough, any blood loss, unexplained lumps, or lymph nodes that remain enlarged for longer than two weeks.

Q) Is there a specific clinic for mole and blemish checks? I’m not sure this warrants a GP appointment.

A) If you’re not worried and just want to monitor non-suspicious moles and blemishes, there’s no clinic available to check this on the NHS.

It would mean going private.

However, if there is a mole or other skin lesion that worries you, then you should make an appointment with your GP as your first port of call.

It is important to have a new or existing mole examined if it changes shape, looks uneven, changes color, becomes darker, has more than two colors, or begins to itch, crust, flake or bleed.

If you prefer to monitor for a while or while waiting for your GP appointment, you should take photographs of the lesion in question to track any changes.

It’s a good idea to do this in bright natural light with a ruler next to the lesion, so you can easily identify any changes in shape, color, and size.

Q) I have been diagnosed with a prolapse and my cervix is ​​slipping down.

I do pelvic floor exercises and can handle everyday life at the moment, but I’m only 59.

Can I continue to make love with my husband?

I have a little pain in my lower back? Could it be because of the prolapse?

A) Yes, yes, yes, 100 times yes – you can have sex with your husband.

That’s as long as it doesn’t cause you any discomfort. In case of discomfort, there are treatments that can help you enjoy your sex life.

A prolapse occurs when a woman’s vaginal wall weakens, which can cause the uterus (as in your case), rectum, or bladder to swell inside the vagina.

Please continue pelvic floor exercises as it is your best protection against any related issues in the future.

According to the data, pelvic organ prolapse is not a cause of back pain.

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Many of us can improve long-term back pain by strengthening our core muscles.

Pilates would be wonderful for you as it both strengthens the core muscles and helps the functioning of the pelvic floor, so that would be perfect.


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