Getting to know André Lambrou


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Today, Andrew Lambrou has become one of the second artists revealed for ‘Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022’.

He’s a social media sensation, with huge success online!

But it’s been a steady rise for Andrew to gather followers. He started releasing covers on YouTube eight years ago before being officially signed with a record company and releasing original music just this year.

He is a dedicated and hardworking artist with a great soulful voice, who is set to deliver a euro pop entry to the Australia Decides scene. But who is this promising new artist?

Let’s dive in and meet Andrew Lambrou!

Who is André Lambrou?

Andrew Lambrou is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Sydney. He is Australian of Greek Cypriot origin.

Across all of his social media platforms, at the time of writing, he has a total of 1.5 million subscribers. His most popular platform is on TikTok, where he has over 678,000 subscribers and has amassed 6.4 million likes from his videos.

He’s also racked up hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, from his three singles, this year alone.

A young talent!

At only five years old, he learned to play the piano at the AMS Music School. He continuously participated in singing competitions where his passion for singing blossomed. At the age of five, he won the AMS Vocal Eisteddfod Award singing ‘Doh A Deer’. He then took music lessons at the LaVoce singing school with the help of his vocal coach Marc Villagra.

His parents are said to continue to help him share videos on his social networks. He was posting new videos every week until suddenly he amassed over 2,000 subscribers overnight. A 15-second Instagram post where it covered Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” ended up being shared on a music site in Spain. This inspired the young singer to continue to share his covers and realize his potential to reach people with his music.

At 17, he auditioned for “X Factor Australia” in 2015 where he sang a cover of “Chains” by Nick Jonas. The jury included Danni Minogue, James Blunt, Chris Isaac and Australia’s first Eurovision songwriter Guy Sebastian.

Andrew smashed his audition becoming one of 20 successful artists entering the “Boys” category. The next step was the great home visits where Andrew was able to fly to London with Chris Issak as a mentor. He had the opportunity to sing a song to Chris and guest mentors Simon Cowell and Rita Ora. Unfortunately Andrew was eliminated during this round.

Online feeling

He rose to fame through posting regular covers of pop songs on YouTube, covering songs like Camila Cabello’s “Havana” to Zayn’s “Dusk Till Dawn” with Sia, the latter of which has racked up over 2.3 million dollars. views !

Andrew has a wide range of musical influences from The Weeknd and Michael Jackson, which you can certainly hear in his original music, to Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars. He also admires musicians who write musical scores for films like Ludwig Goransson and Hans Zimmer.

After years of publishing his viral covers, Andrew switched to writing his own music. At just 17 years old, Sony ATV editions had him in sight, he ended up signing with Maree Hamblion. This allowed Andrew to develop his own musical song and to collaborate with other artists and songwriters. He even ended up in Los Angeles to write music for three months.

The young artist took a significant step forward in his career when he signed with Sydney-based label City Pop Records, which propelled his original music into the global music market.

“I signed with City Pop Records, enthusiastic about the team around me, I’m ready to spread my music to the world. Since I can remember, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and being on this journey to make it a reality is more than I could ever ask for. My parents played such an important role in all of this. Without their support I wouldn’t be where I am today, I can’t wait to be in the very near future with my new musical family.

Andrew Lambrou the artist was born!

Australia’s newest pop artist

Andrew released his first single “Throne” for the first time on March 31 of this year. He co-wrote the song with Joseph de la Hoyde, Nicholas de la Hoyde and Timothy de la Hoyde. “Throne” was described by Australian music site auspop like “a dark, gloomy and decidedly sexy room, with a throbbing bassline and a powerful voice”.

In an interview with the auspop site Andrew shared the subject of his first single:

“My debut album ‘Throne’ is about believing in yourself and planning for the top before you even reach it. I’ve always believed in the law of attraction and truly knowing your abilities because anything is possible. it was an amazing experience releasing that first single and getting such a fantastic response, nothing motivates me more!

Since March, Andrew has released two more original singles.

“Lemonade” was released on July 2 and was co-written by Andrew with Ned Houston and Cyrus Villanueva, which won the seventh season of “The X Factor Australia” in 2015.

On September 24, Andrew released “Confidence” co-written by Andrew and the same songwriting team as “Thorn”.

In an interesting Eurovision connection, his three singles were produced by Dave Hammer. Dave co-wrote and produced Montaigne’s song “Technicolour” for Eurovision 2021. He also worked with Australia artist Decides Jaguar Jonze as recently as this year on his EP ‘ANTIHERO’.

We can’t wait to see what Andrew has to offer at Australia Decides. From Instagram and YouTube to becoming a professional singer, and now an artist, where he will deliver a euro pop entry with a chance to represent Australia on the big stage of Eurovision.

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