Gillian Baci: new face of Nigerian pop music


A true global artist, Gilbert Bassey, otherwise known by his stage name “Gillian Baci”, is emerging as the new face of pop music in Nigeria. Having worked with producers and artists around the world, collaborating across a wide range of genres from EDM to reggae to afrobeats, he is proof of a musically and culturally diverse performer.

The Calabar-born Nigerian pop artist, writer and filmmaker grew up in Abuja and earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Madonna University.

Graduating at the top of his class at the pioneering edition of the Multichoice Talent Factory and successfully writing three novels, he also prepares aspiring writers through his history education initiative, Learn Storycraft, and has also made a few short films, one of which is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime. We can say that Gillian Baci is a man of many talents and a master in everything.

Gillian is not new to the music scene as he has been recording since 2012 and made his official debut in 2017.

Gillian Baci makes music with emotional and philosophical depth. He is adept at creating catchy melodies and writing lyrics that speak to the soul. A testament to his musical and cultural diversity is his single “Feel at Home” which was produced by an Argentinian producer and mixed and mastered by a Chilean sound engineer.

He also has experience in film music, having composed over 10 original songs for films and TV shows.

His musical identity revolves around the search for self, love and heartbreak, serenity, the resilience of the human spirit and universal unity. His strongest belief is that we are all one (plants, animals, air, everything), and to that end he seeks to spread nothing but positivity with his music, even while singing dark lyrics.

He is currently working on releasing his first extended playlist titled: “Sweet Serenity”, a music compilation focused on spreading the philosophy of finding serenity rather than happiness.

“Sweet Serenity” seeks to spread good vibes at a time when many people are suffering from depression and other mental health issues. Gillian suffered from depression and so this EP is, in a way, the culmination of her long journey out of the dark abyss of depression. Sweet Serenity will be released on April 28.


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