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Finland-based Rwandan gospel singer Eric Reagan Ngabo recently released his brand new song “My Lord” as he seeks to redefine his musical career in the diaspora.

The song is part of his debut album “Wewe Ni Mungu” which he plans to release in December this year.

It is an album that means a lot to the musician who invests so much effort to make it a success through collaborations with established gospel musicians in the region, including Ugandan pastor Happy Alex who features in the singer’s new song .

Reagan told The New Times that he recorded a song with Happy Alex to help him grow his fan base in Uganda.

“I chose to record a song with Happy Alex because I love his style of music in addition to spreading the word of God in churches. He has a church and I felt the message of my song reached Christians praying from his church,” the singer explained.

Reagan is not new to the gospel music industry given a number of releases he has made so far including “Mube Maso”, “Imbere Ni Heza” and the brand new song “My Lord “, all of which he dropped this year as he races against time to launch his album to his musical supporters in Finland and the rest of the Rwandan community around the world.

The 38-year-old started his music career in 2015 while still in Rwanda. He was at the time leading worship at the Anglican Church from his birthplace in Nyagatare Parish in the Eastern Province.

He left for Finland in 2017, years after finishing high school in electronics which he studied at ex-ETO Muhima (Kigali).

He is now studying software programming, also known as Python, and the skills he has acquired so far have led him to become a junior developer in Finland.

He combines his university studies with musical studies which he pursues in a music school located at the River Bible Institute in Finland within the framework of praise and worship and theology studies.

Based in the United States, the school was founded by American pastor Rodney Howard Brown.

Reagan’s musical studies helped him grow musically, despite the obstacles that any other artist making music in the diaspora goes through.

His debut record ‘Ishimwe Ni Iryawe’ played a big role in the singer’s growth as it was one of the releases that won the admiration of gospel audiences.

“Making music in the Diaspora is not easy because there are not many people from our country. Here we don’t speak English and it’s a big challenge for music to penetrate Scandinavian countries” , he said.

“But, the passion and love we have for music motivates us to keep going again and again. That’s why I try to write songs in other languages ​​like Swahili like in my new song My Lord By-Eric Reagan to promote my music not only in Rwanda but also in the region,” he added.

In “My Lord”, Reagan encourages Christians to always worship God, to dance for him and to praise what he does for the people.

“As a Christian, it is good to praise and worship God with our knowledge, power and wisdom,” Reagan said of the song.

The singer’s album is now taking shape as he prepares to release another song “Impamvu” which features his Rwandan gospel counterpart Emmy Vox. Audio and video, he said, will be out soon.

What is special about the album?

The singer is preparing to release the album as an opportunity to express what God has done for him, specifically how he has helped him grow musically and spiritually. His album is all about recognition, specifically a celebration of what Reagan achieved in his last five years in Finland.

“To be honest, financially speaking, nothing is special. But spiritually speaking, there are many things that I have accomplished that I am grateful to God for. My studies at the school of theology and praise and d worship are a pivotal achievement for which I thank God,” he said of the album.

His music is not yet where he would like it to be, but Reagan’s “never give up” character gives him the strength to sooner or later become a gospel musician that Rwandans will celebrate for long enough.

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