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Two of this year’s Central High School Hall of Fame inductees include a longtime employee and graduate who went on to become an astrophysicist.

The Aberdeen Hall of Fame Banquet and Ceremony takes place tonight at 5 p.m. at Central High School. Ticket information is available at www.AberdeenPublicSchoolsFoundation.org.

One of the 10 inductees this year is Wayne A. Hansen, a 1978 graduate of Central High School.

This year he will be inducted into the Aberdeen Central Hall of Fame for his work as a television production teacher within the school district for more than 25 years (1993-2021).

Hansen took a television production course as a senior at Central High School, which at the time was taught by Jerry Ochs. Hansen continued his education at the University of South Dakota, where he earned a degree in Mass Communication. After graduating, Hansen returned to Aberdeen and worked for KAFY, the local television station. He worked there for nine years.

At the television station, Hansen worked primarily in commercial production and traveled around the state filming commercials for various companies. But because the station was small, Hansen said he ended up doing a bit of everything, including replacing news or sports journalists. Around this time, Hansen ended up covering several state basketball tournaments, not realizing how much he would use that knowledge once he changed careers.

In 1993, Hansen said he received a call from his former teacher, Ochs, who announced he would be retiring and encouraged Hansen to apply for the teaching post. At the time, the TV channel was going to be sold for the third time in the nine years that Hansen had worked there, so he thought it would be the perfect time to change careers. He also ran his own business, Hansen Video Services, and thought he would do both part-time.

Hansen started teaching a class and eventually started teaching full time. Hansen has taught television production, sports broadcasting and film making.

When asked which of his accomplishments he was most proud of, Hansen said he was most proud of his progress in the sports broadcast program. At the start of the program, there was only one camera to cover sporting events. Later the program switched to four cameras and a whole team of students would be working to cover the events and pretty much every sport.

“There was nothing we weren’t trying,” Hansen said.

While sports broadcasting is no longer its own class at Central, Hansen said he was also proud to continue Ochs’ legacy and constantly improve, a trend that continued with Erich Schaffhauser, who took over the class when Hansen retired.

From graduate to astrophysicist

Stuart Bale

Stuart D. Bale, astrophysicist and professor at the University of California at Berkeley, graduated from Central in 1983 and remembers the school’s first computer lab.

His teacher, Char Ackerman, let him stay after school to use the computers, and Bale recalls using his extra time to write a sample ACT test for his classmates. Among others. It was around this time that he realized his “instinct for algorithms and analysis,” he said in an email.

After finishing school with a doctorate. in physics from the University of Minnesota, Bale lived in London for three years. He then moved to Berkeley, California, where he now teaches physics classes. He is mainly involved in research, focusing on plasma astrophysics and solar physics.

At Berkeley, he and his team “design and build experiments for NASA space missions to study the sun, the extended solar atmosphere, and the interaction of the solar wind with the Earth, the moon, and the planets,” he said in an email.

Asked about the proudest moment of his career, Bale said he was particularly proud of his work on NASA’s Parker Solar Probe mission, which he described as a mission to understand what is heating the atmosphere solar. Bale has been working on the mission, which launched in 2018, for about 15 years.

Bale also cited the Lunar Surface Electromagnetics Experiments for NASA as another of his proudest career moments. The mission will be launched in 2025 and will go to the Moon.

“We are going to try to do radio astronomy and measure a signal from the very beginning of the universe (first few 100,000 years) which cannot be measured from Earth and which may contain information about ‘dark matter’ which we believe permeates the universe, ”Bale said in an email.

Full list of 2021 Central Hall of Fame inductees

Several others are inducted into the Central Hall of Fame, including:

Dr Richard E. Boettcher, class of 1953: With a career in social work spanning over 50 years, Boettcher has experience in administration, teaching, research and consulting in mental health and wellness. childhood.

Brian R. Hoke, Class of 1992: Hoke is a graduate of the Naval Academy and has served worldwide as a Navy Seal officer. He then moved to a managerial position at CIA Headquarters after volunteering for the CIA’s Special Activities Division. Hoke was killed in 2016 while conducting operations in Afghanistan.

Kellie (Heier) Calhoun, Class of 2003: Calhoun was a volleyball star (Miss Volleyball Class AA 2003) at Aberdeen Central and NSU. She also played basketball and track and field, winning the medley relay and gold in the Class AA track and field competition.

Bill Gayton, Class of 1979: With a career spanning over 30 years in Major League Baseball, Gayton was drafted by the Chicago White Sox in 1981 and played professional baseball for three years. He has since been a scout, crosschecker and scouting director for the White Sox, A’s, Yankees, Rockies, Padres, Cardinals and Diamondbacks.

1961 Golden Eagles State A Boys Basketball Team Champion: The team enjoyed a seven-game winning streak and won the 1961 State A basketball crown after a poor 8-6 season. The team members were Jerry Larson, Jerry Ryan, Roger Smith, John Mertz, Bob Rylance, Tom Malchow, Knute Lee, Dennis Schumacher, Jerry Hauck, Bob Lehr, Jim Olson and Ron Klingman, Assistant Principal of Students Bill O ‘Keefe, Coach Lyle “Bud” Belk and Student Principal George Godfrey.

Ed Schaefle, class of 1974: Schaefle has been recognized for his accomplishments as a school orchestra teacher, university assistant professor in music education, youth conductor, and statewide leader among music teachers. He is a violinist and has been an active performer throughout his career.

Loel W. Schrader, class of 1942: Acclaimed sports writer, columnist, author and Navy veteran, Schrader has covered more than a dozen Super Bowls and seven World Series games, as well as a myriad of other sporting events and 45 years of college football. University of Southern California. Schrader died in 2012.

Glenna Fouberg, Aberdeen School District 1973-2001: Fouberg has dedicated his career to improving the quality of education in South Dakota as an English teacher. She was also director of the Alternative Learning Center, South Dakota Teacher of the Year in 1994, and a member of the South Dakota Board of Education for 19 years. A champion of the Aberdeen community and accomplished fundraiser, she passed away in 2021.


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