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Courtesy Photo Hillman Christian Academy will open for the school year on August 29.

HILLMAN – A new Christian school will begin classes on Monday August 29 in Hillman.

Hillman Christian Academy will serve students from kindergarten through eighth grade, with an individualized Bible-based learning environment.

School administrator Sally Petrik started the academy as the nonprofit, Hillman Christian Family. The school is overseen by an eight-person board, she said.

As part of Hillman’s Victory Over Japan Day (VJ Day) celebration, Hillman Christian Academy will be hosting an open house from 6-9 p.m. tonight at 331 W. 3rd St., Illinois. former Free Methodist Church building. The event will include live music, refreshments, live auction, 50/50 raffle and raffles. Proceeds will be donated to the school.

The academy will have a more individualized learning model than most schools, Petrik said, allowing each student to learn at their own pace. And there will be no homework, except in special circumstances that justify a catch-up at home.

Petrik is a licensed administrator in the State of Michigan. She has worked in various public school systems including Hillman, Grayling, Fairview and Rogers City.

“Years ago I taught at school,” Petrik said.

She taught at several parochial schools, including Lutheran schools in Royston and Rogers City.

She is an engineer and lived and worked in Arizona before coming to Hillman to care for her aging parents and her husband’s parents.

“We have family here,” she said.

She grew up in Milford, but spent her summers in Hillman, where her grandparents lived.

“So I came back and did some volunteer work,” she told Hillman Community Schools. “I thought, ‘What can I do?’ Because God called me here, and I take care of everyone. So I volunteered at school.

Petrik’s background is a process improvement engineer.

“I was working with a company that was accrediting schools in the state of Michigan,” she said. “So it gave me insight into all kinds of schools.”

Petrik has written several books and given talks on process improvement in education. His books are available on Amazon.

“I was home one day, last summer, and I was reading my Bible in the morning, and I thought, ‘Lord, just let me know when the time is right, because I don’t want to open a school if not. whatever you want,” Petrik said. “And now is the right time. So, I started the whole process.

The school has tuition of $800 per student per year, which is much lower than most private schools, Petrik said.

“It’s going to be a different school,” she explained. “We are going to use the principles of lean in order to be much more profitable. I know it works. I did it at Rogers City… I know this method works. I’m out of the box.

Petrik said that with God everything is possible.

“He guided us every step of the way,” Petrik said. “It’s been a great trip, but we’ve been so blessed…the whole community has stepped up.”

To learn more, email [email protected], call 480-895-0627, or visit hillmanchristianfamily.com/hillman-christian-academy.

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