‘History of Country Music’ returns to Centene on Saturday | Local


As for the singers, White said that they “take turns with their different solo features and then we mix them up so they can be the background singers for other singers.”

Out of all the performers, 22 of them have been in the show from the start. They include Scottye Adkins, Ron Allen, Stormy Bennett, Eric Bennett, Alan Berry, Marilyn Berry, Doug Berry, Steve Berry, Dave Black, Lisa Brown, Lindsay Currie, Lindsay Copeland, Kelly Littrell, Phil Hoffman, Lindy LaChance, Richard Lindsey, Rick McDowell, Colleen Mitchell, Beth Tripp, Mark Vaccaro, Kathy Wigger and Dr. Kevin White.

“These people are the core of our show now,” White said. “Some of these artists are baby boomers, and some are just in the History of Country Music show.”

Each year, artists are asked if they wish to return to play the following year. If they decline, White refers to a list of performers he has of people who have indicated they would like to be a part of the show.

“This time around for our 2021 show, I just told everyone to pick something that they would like to play and that the audience would like to hear,” he said.

White said that all of the possible music chosen for the show is part of the long history of country music today. He especially enjoys performing – and including early 1960s songs – in the show.


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