How much will Cam Newton command in free agency in 2021?


(Paul Rutherford – USA TODAY Sports) Cam Newton

How much money will Cam Newton command in 2021 in free agency?

It won’t be long before the rumor mill starts swirling again about Cam Newton. the old Carolina Panthers the quarterback is a free agent having signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots following his release from the team he did so much for. very few alternative options elsewhere.

It will always be a black mark on the franchise. Cam Newton’s influence on the Panthers from the time he found himself in Carolina as the No. 1 overall pick in 2011 deserved far better and that naturally left large parts of the fanbase of the team absolutely furious.

The Panthers were well within their rights to leave Newton. They had a new coaching staff and the player was unreliable from a health point of view. But the way it was handled was just abysmal.

Newton proved that his foot and shoulder problems were now a thing of the past – although he had a short spell on the sidelines afterwards contract COVID-19. The Patriots are yet to exit the playoff picture despite a host of opt-outs in the offseason and a lack of playmakers on offense. But it’s hard to deny 2015 NFL Most Outstanding Player played a big role in their success.

Whether Newton’s stay at Foxborough will last longer than this season is up for debate. However, his level of production should ensure a lot of interest elsewhere if Bill Belichick decides not to keep him.


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