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After completing each route in Paradigm Paradox, you’ll unlock a ninth route, called the Grand Finale. Here’s how to complete this final route.

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In Paradigm paradox, there are eight love interests you can complete routes with. After completing each route, you will have the option to play through the ‘final’ route, or the grand finale. This route is independent of any love interest, putting you first.

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In this guide, we are going to see how you can unlock and play through this final route. Although this is the last road in the game, we won’t mention any spoilers; this walkthrough will simply imply the answers you need to give. First, let’s take a quick look at deleting all other routes, just in case you haven’t done so yet.


Clearing each route

As mentioned earlier, there are eight routes you can take, one for each love interest. At the start of the game, the following routes will be available.

  • Hyuga
  • Yukinami
  • Tokyo
  • Kamui
  • mihaya
  • Ayumu

Ibuki’s route will unlock after you complete at least three other routes, and Ryo’s route will unlock after you complete Ibuki’s.

The final route will remain locked, appearing next to the paths leading to the Justice and Villainous Justice routes from the initial common route flowchart.

Get on the final road

The route to the grand finale is at the bottom right of the flowchart.

Once you complete all eight routes, this will unlock. To succeed, use the flowchart and return to section 2-2. It’s just before the three-way split at the end of the common road.

From there, give the following answers.

  • Human, of course.
  • Talk to Moravia.
  • I see smoke rising from the city!

This final answer is a new option that leads to the Grand Finale.

The final choice

Overall, the Grand Final route is very straightforward. There is only one choice you will have to make to get the Happy Ending.

When you start on the route, you will eventually have a choice of the following.

  • We should team up with Ryo.
  • Ryo is our enemy.

Choose from teaming up with Ryo will trigger the Happy Endingwhile stating that he is the enemy will trigger the bad ending.

With this you have completed Paradigm Paradox! From there, you can go back and get all the bad endings you missed. This is easily done by navigate with the flowchart to an area that branches off with a section.

Once all the endings have been viewed, remember to head to the reports and explore the surroundings. If you read all reports for certain characters, you can unlock additional CGs to view.

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