Jacksonville Jaguars can’t pass up chance to sign LT Trent Williams


The Jacksonville Jaguars have lost 15 straight games in 2020. Their lack of talent has played a role in their inability to win games and if they want to change that this offseason, they will need to add free agency playmakers. Trent Williamswhich should arrive in the open market, would be a significant improvement at left tackle.

Chad Forbes from NFL Bites recently talked about on social media about the “Jags” possibly pursuing Williams in free agency. He says the 2011 No. 1 pick looks younger than his age on the tape and adds that the left tackle should command a deal in the $18-20 million per year range.

Even though Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer may not see the offensive line as a weaknessthe squad brass shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to add Pro Football Focus’ top-ranked left tackle in 2020 and second best since 2011. They will have around $77 million in the cap and could sign him while still having plenty of room.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will most likely use the first overall selection from the 2021 NFL Draft to take Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. If they want to keep the 2020 ACC Player of the Year standing, they need to give him the best protection possible. Williams wouldn’t come cheap, but he would make sure Lawrence’s shirt stays clean.

What kind of impact would Williams have with the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Left tackle Cam Robinson, who is set to become a free agent, has been inconsistent throughout his four-year tenure in Jacksonville. Last season, he allowed five sacks and 40 total pressures on 662 pass block snaps. The “Jags” could let the former second-round pick go in free agency and sign Williams, who would give their offensive line an immediate boost.

Plus, if the Jaguars add Williams in free agency, then they could have the freedom to use their draft picks to respond. other job requirements like cornerback, defensive end and even tight end. The downside of getting Williams is that Jacksonville should be looking for another left tackle in a few years. However, they can cross this bridge when they get there.

The Jaguars will have the chance to improve quickly if they make the right moves this offseason. Signing Williams is one of the best they can do.


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