Jacob Collier: A playful approach to musical creation


TED Radio Hour Episode Part 1 Work, Play, Rest – Part 2.

Grammy-winning Jacob Collier has been called a musical phenomenon; his work is full of joy and spontaneity. It explains why we should emphasize play, passion and curiosity rather than practice.

About Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier is a Grammy-winning musician best known for his energetic live performances and experimental blends of jazz, R&B and electronic pop.

Collier uploaded his first music video in 2011 and eventually went viral for videos of himself playing multiple instruments and vocal harmonies simultaneously. In 2016, he released his first chart-topping album, In my room. He has since amassed five Grammys, nine Grammy nominations and millions of international followers. Collier has toured his solo show to over 150 locations (including the TED Stage), partnering with Ben Bloomberg of the MIT Media Lab to design his live audiovisual presence. He is currently completing a series of four-volume albums titled Djisse.

Coal briefly studied jazz piano at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England.

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