Julius of the zodiac sign “Euphoria” is definitely Libra, according to an astrologer


In Astrologically Speaking, astrologers deduce the zodiac signs of fictional characters, based on specific scenes, quotes, or fashion choices. Here, astrologer Alice glitter cat explains why Jules de Euphoria is a clear-as-day Libra.

Jules (played by Hunter Schafer) is one of EuphoriaHBO’s Most Complex Characters (which says a lot about HBO’s hit drama about teens navigating sex, drugs and trauma). She moves to the fictional town of East Highland at the start of Season 1, instantly befriending Rue (Zendaya) and plunging headlong into an arc of willpower. Jules has a complicated past, struggling with self-harm, gender dysphoria and his mother’s drug addiction. In the present, she returns to Rue again and again, even when Rue (who also struggles with drug addiction) lies to her about his drug use, leaving viewers wondering: why?

Alice glitter catastrologer and author of Postcolonial astrology, says that Jules’ actions boil down to the fact that she’s a clear Libra. Symbolized by scales, Libras are known for being balanced: seeking peace, avoiding conflict and trying to make life easier. They are shapeshifters who easily fit into new places, much like Jules did when she moved to town. But being the diplomat of the zodiac isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. A Libra Sun, adds Sparkly Kat, “is aware of when they are not meeting an idealized self and dealing with envy, regret, and disappointment, which they must turn into creativity.”

Here are a few more reasons why Jules is definitely a Libra:

Jules’ style is so Libra

While Euphoria’His typical aesthetic is exemplified by overly dramatic looks and bursts of glitz, Jules is often more understated. Consider how Jules often favors shine and simple, graphic lines, while Maddy (Alexa Demie), for example, is more of a brightly colored, diamond girl. “She looks like a Libra because her makeup is always tastefully done. It’s always just the right amount of glitter. Her clothes always match, color wise,” says Sparkly Kat, adding that Jules’ signature trapeze skirts are “truly Libra”. Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, so they often have a strong sense of style, but since they are drawn to balance, their appearance is more subdued, much like Jules. . (Well, unlike some of his peers at “High euphoria. »

Libra zodiac signs are mirrors

Jules often mirrors the people she surrounds herself with, a classic Libra trait. “Libra is about seeing yourself as a mirror and being aware of how you change based on the social context you are in or who you are,” says Sparkly Kat. Case in point: In season 1, episode 7, “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed”, Jules visits a friend, TC, from his old town. There, she goes clubbing with TC’s roommate Anna and the two have a deep conversation while high. She tells Anna that she dates men in part to “upgrade” her femininity: “If I can conquer men, I can conquer femininity,” says Jules.

Sparkly Kat calls this philosophy “so Venusian…so Libra.” Jules’ Venusian appetite for femininity and aesthetics is combined with Libra’s desire to find a mirror, a balance. Jules mirrors the people around her, seeking contrast to bring out the elements of herself that she wants to highlight. In her special episode, “F*ck Everyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob,” when Jules speaks with her therapist, Sparkly Kat says there are clearer signs of this Libra tendency to mirror: “She talks about this that she feels like the self she presents to the world is an accumulation of all the people she knows and wonders if she has a real self. Later, she talks about how girls rate themselves to see if they are living near an ideal of youth.

Another hyper-Libra moment is when Jules flirts with the catfish “Tyler” online, early in Season 1. “She’s like, ‘He’s conservative, he’s a sportsman,'” Sparkly Kat says, adding that the contrast between Tyler and Jules makes her feel like her own person. Libras are all about balance, and a Libra like Jules will seek relationships with people who act as both a mirror and a contrast.

Jules has a Libra temperament.

When Jules gets angry, his Libra side often expresses itself in a delayed reaction. When she goes to meet “Tyler” in real life in Season 1, Episode 4, she is instead met by Nate, a cruel jock from her school. Nate (Jacob Elordi) is angry with Jules because he found out, via footage in his dad’s office, that she and her dad had sex. He blackmails Jules with nude photos she had sent to “Tyler”, threatening to go to the police and report her for child pornography if she doesn’t do everything he says. Jules is hurt, as we later learn that she had fallen in love with Tyler, but she fights back against Nate; it is only when he is gone that she is upset.

Later in the episode, after Nate is arrested and suspended for assaulting his girlfriend, Maddy, he coerces Jules into lying to the police about his assault, again with the threat of his nudes. Sparkly Kat refers to this as an example of Jules’ Libra airy calm: “She listens to what he says, then stands on her bike. If she was a fire sign, she would crumble. It would be more immediate. But no, it does not jump out at him. What’s going on with [air-sign] Libras are that they don’t react in the moment and they react a little later when they feel like it. While Jules panics, her panic erupts later, when she gets drunk in episode 6: frightened, she begins to recite lines of Romeo and Juliet in the swimming pool. “It looks really romantic,” says Sparkly Kat, again referencing Venus’ obsession with beauty and aesthetics.


Libras are synonymous with balance, beauty and keeping a cool head – even when they live in the Euphoria the universe makes this very, very difficult. From her immaculate outfits and cool head to her search for contrast in partners, Jules is a classic Libra.


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