Kim Kardashian loves kids who sing Kanye West’s song


It seems that some of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s children inherited her musical genes. Over the weekend, the reality star couldn’t help but gush over her children after they were seen singing one of their dad’s hit songs.

Kim took to social media to post the adorable moment of her two youngest children, Chicago and Pslam, replacing her ex-husband.

Kim Kardashian loves kids who sing Kanye West’s song

Despite the issues between Kanye and Kim over co-parenting their four kids, it seems like the “KUWTK” alum is keeping her kids up to date with their dad’s hard work and talent. On Sunday, the adored mother took Twitter to share a heartwarming video of Chicago and Psalm singing along to Kanye’s song, “True Love,” featuring XXXTentacion.


The adorable clip began showing Psalm, 3, in the back of a vehicle in his car seat, singing the chorus to the tune, which was released in 2022. While playing with his teddy, Psalm belted out, “don’t worry make me complicated,” but was immediately corrected by her big sister Chicago.

The 4-year-old immediately interrupted him, telling Psalm that his lyrics weren’t right. The camera then pans to show her in the cutest silver tank top and her curly hair styled to the side as she sings the correct words, “True Love shouldn’t be this complicated. I thought I’d die in your arms.

Soon, Psalm picks up the mood and joins Chicago to sing the chorus, but still insists on singing his hilarious version while his sister sings the correct lyrics. Kim captioned the 50-second clip, writing, “OMG these are so cute I had to share them!”

Indeed, the little ones were so cute and the tweet got over 22,000 likes from fans who couldn’t get enough. A fan gushed, “Chi has a beautiful voice! She’s going to be a superstar when she’s older!

This fan tweeted, “Love how Chicago changed their voice and kept singing like a pro. The kids are the best. And the Psalm kept singing it badly regardless. So cute 😂.”

About the song “True Love” by Kanye West

In May, Ye, as he is officially known now, released the single “True Love” as part of his 11th studio album, “Donda 2”. As reported by The Blast, the track was Ye’s first release after a long 3-month hiatus on social media following a series of rants that got him banned.

The 2 minute and 28 second song begins with XXXTentacion singing, “True love shouldn’t be so complicated. I thought I would die in your arms,” before the Yeezy founder expressed his displeasure about his co-parenting schedule with Kim.

The “Praise God” rapper sang, “Wait, when you see the kids? I’ll see you all tomorrow. Wait, when does the sun set? See you all tomorrow Wait, when I pick them up I feel like they borrowed. When I have to return them, scan them like a barcode.

He also tackled his ex-wife for not dressing her kids in Yeezy outfits, saying, “Wait, no hard feelings, but those feelings are tough though. Wait, who put our kids in some, ‘What? Wait, why can’t they wear Yeezys with the cargos? Y’all know Nike don’t like me, but you’re taking it too far. At least have them in some Mike’s, he played for Chicago. I only see three kids, watching Chicago? And you know, all the nannies were like, “Daddy in Nebraska.”

Despite the controversial lyrics, it seems Kim isn’t bothered about their kids listening to the song.

Yeezy founder won’t ‘compromise’ kids’ school

The heartwarming video Kim posted comes days after Ye’s interview with Fox Network’s Tucker Carlson, where he talked about his desire for them to attend Donda Academy. The rapper, who publicly called out the SKIMS founder for not allowing their children to attend his school, spoke at length on the subject.

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Ye expressed his dissatisfaction with the kids’ current school, Sierra Canyon, saying, “All they do is take all the celebrity kids and throw them into this same school” to “indoctrinate them.” “. He continued: “At the moment we have reached a compromise – but I haven’t finished because I don’t compromise – but we have reached a compromise that my children come to my school after school. school and learn the choir.”

The 24-time Grammy Award winner lamented that his youngest son, Psalm, was once brainwashed because he complains about attending choir practice at Donda Academy when he doesn’t even attend school.

“I sat there with [Psalm] and he came in and said, ‘why do I have to sing? I don’t even go to your school,” the rapper told Carlson. “So imagine a 16-year-old version of this guy, or the 26-year-old version of this guy, where the dad has no say in what the kids are watching, what the kids are wearing, what the kids eat, or with whom the children hang out.


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