Lady Gaga defends the use of a method for the role of House of Gucci


Lady Gaga has defended her acting approach to Method for playing the role of Patrizia Gucci in Ridley Scott’s recent crime drama House of Gucci.

Lady Gaga defended her approach to the role of Patrizia Gucci in Ridley Scott’s recent crime drama, Gucci House. Scott’s latest film hit theaters earlier in November and is an adaptation of real events. He follows the Gucci family as they fight for control of the famous fashion label, and focuses on Patrizia Gucci’s attempted murder of her husband Maurizio Gucci, played by Adam Driver.

Besides being an internationally renowned singer and songwriter, Lady Gaga is also an award-winning actress. Before appearing in Gucci House, Lady Gaga starred in Bradley Cooper’s 2018 remake of the romantic musical A star is born, describing the main role of the film. The singer has been nominated for several awards for her performance, including the Oscar for Best Actress of the Year alongside industry heavyweights Glenn Close, Olivia Colman and Melissa McCarthy.


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Now in an interview on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor shines a light on his portrayal of Patrizia Gucci. Lady Gaga explained that she takes a methodical approach to acting, which means that even when she’s not on set and filming, she would aim to stay in the character of Patrizia Gucci. Lady Gaga said the method approach helped her “[commit herself] to art at the cellular level ”,. The actor also shared how the technique helped her develop her Italian accent. Read Lady Gaga’s full comments below:

“I think there’s a sort of idea around the method game that it’s crazy and we’re crazy. But I think for those of us who get into the method game, it there is something about us that fully engages in art on a cellular level. We are deeply embedded in this immersive experience. I feel it when I sing, I feel it when I make music, and I feel it when I play When I sing jazz I consider it a great privilege and honor to take with me all the great musicians of the past and produce this great music.

“So I do the same when I work on the characters. And with Patrizia, [in Patrizia’s accent] it was a lot easier for me to stay in character all the time. When I called my mom, when I called my dad … The way I would explain it to you is if I called you on the phone, I would talk to you like that. I wouldn’t have pretended to be Patrizia, you would just have been like ‘Oh damn, I’m on the phone with Patrizia.’

“In another way, what it did for me was like singing, like a musical instrument, like a muscle, it made me feel comfortable speaking in a way that that would be natural to me. So that I could be in a scene like the one you just saw and I could speak naturally to the actor instead of playing an instrument that I don’t know …. And I didn’t say not that that’s the way to do it. It’s just how I do it. “

Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci

The Acting Method approach has become infamous in recent years and, as Lady Gaga explains, is often considered a “crazy” endeavor. Jared Leto (Lady Gaga co-star in Gucci House) notably used the Method approach for his interpretation of the Joker in 2016 Suicide Squad, sending nasty packages to his co-stars while trying to immerse himself in the role. However, as Lady Gaga’s explanation makes clear, the Method approach can be a useful tool for some actors. While her Italian accent has been criticized by some, including a dialect trainer, the approach allowed Lady Gaga to familiarize herself with the accent and focus on other aspects of her performance.

While reception for the film has been mixed, Lady Gaga’s portrayal of Patrizia Gucci has been universally praised by critics and fans alike, suggesting the performance could earn the singer her second Oscar nomination. Gucci House is Scott’s second film of the year, after The last duel which became a huge box office flop. The director has already started work on her next project, and Lady Gaga fans are hoping she can find her next role soon as well.

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Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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