Launch of the Cuvée Ray Wine Lovers Academy at SoDel Fest on September 18


Former owner of the Wine Spectator Award-winning Cuvée Ray Wine Bar and Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, “Cuvée” Ray Kurz, is moving on to his next wine project by launching the Cuvée Ray Wine Lovers Academy.

“Cuvée Ray Wine Lovers Academy is the culmination of over 30 years of wine tasting, wine tours and formal wine education. I will be offering fun and informative wine education, events, tastings and sommelier-led wine dinners for casual wine lovers as well as aficionados, ”said Kurz. He said his new project focuses on his true passion: sharing his knowledge and love of wine with others and connecting wine lovers with wines.

The inaugural event of the Cuvée Ray Wine Lovers Academy will be the Breakfast in Paris wine tasting at this year’s Southern Delaware Wine, Food & Music Festival.

The wine tasting will be a VIP event at 11 a.m. on Saturday, September 18 for attendees of the SoDel Fest, which will open to the general public from 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on September 18 at the Independence Clubhouse near Long Neck .

“The SoDel Fest is always so great, I thought it would be a perfect inaugural event for my new business,” said Kurz. “My restaurant was at SoDel Fest and had wine tastings there, and it’s so wonderful to continue this tradition.”

The Cuvée Ray Wine Lovers Academy will offer pre-programmed wine education tastings and dinners as well as personalized tastings, events and dinners for individuals and groups at their homes, clubhouses or other venues. of their choice.

“I don’t know anything like the Cuvée Ray Wine Lovers Academy in the Delmarva region,” Kurz said. “Besides being a sommelier, I really focused my formal studies on wine to become the best wine educator I can be. and broaden their wine horizons.

In addition to offering his sommelier and wine education services to the general public, Kurz intends to provide wine consulting services to the hospitality industry, for example helping them on techniques to improve wine sales, upgrades to the wine list, staff training in oenology, etc.

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