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Levi’s highlights the connection between denim and music by relaunching a project to help aspiring young musicians achieve their goals.

The brand is bringing the Levi’s Music Project back in partnership with Grammy-nominated R&B artist Khalid to connect artists with promising musicians for in-person mentorship and on Discord, a popular social forum that promotes online communities. The project brings music education resources to young global creators, starting with the hometown of Khalid, El Paso, Texas.

To kick off the program, Khalid invited a group of musicians chosen for their creativity, authenticity and concern for the community to create their own remixes of his hit song “Better”. The project provided the voice and stems of the artist – the building blocks of a song recording – to all participants.

On Monday, 13 global artists are participating in the project, and additional artists will be added until Wednesday, at the end of it. The winners will be featured in an upcoming clip alongside Khalid.

Levi’s promoted the latest iteration of the program on their social pages, as well as with video interviews giving a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of Khalid’s song with sound engineer Denis Kosiak, who, alongside singer, will guide the winners in a feedback workshop. Discord session where they will break down the production of the remix and provide commentary and advice.

Since launching in the US in 2015, Levi’s Music Project has featured artists like Alicia Keys, Skepta, Rosalia, SZA, and Snoop Dogg. Most recently, he brought in Grammy Award-winning Memphis-born artist Justin Timberlake to improve Stax Music Academy, a South Memphis, Tennessee-based music institute that trains young artists. in music theory, composition, business and leadership.

The collaboration gave birth to “The Song Lab”, a refurbished facility containing donated song production material. Timberlake surprised the students with two days of songwriting and performance workshops and helped them perfect their songs for a performance in front of friends and family. He also created a $ 100,000 scholarship fund for the institution and worked with Levi’s to develop a songwriting program for 30 students.

Beyond the United States, the Levi’s Music Project has also gained ground in Europe, where it debuted in 2016. The project is active in four markets across Europe, including the United Kingdom, France , Germany and Spain. In 2019, the brand announced plans to transform an entire Liverpool Sound City festival venue into public learning spaces to drive the initiative forward.

Levi’s connection to music spans decades, with various partnerships with popular musicians such as Grateful Dead and American R&B artist DaniLeigh. The brand also periodically offers collections that channel the aesthetics of different musical scenes, once with a post-punk / pre-grunge theme and another centered around American folk influences.

To bring some lightness during the Covid-19 lockdowns, the brand has also produced a series of daily Instagram Live concerts featuring musicians performing from their homes. The initiative has helped connect viewers and support both the arts and Covid-19 relief through donations to charities like the MusicCares Coronavirus Relief Fund and the Global Citizen / WHO’s Solidarity Response.

The heritage denim brand isn’t the only company in the industry celebrating the intersection of music and fashion. Lucky Brand’s latest collection features Grammy-nominated musician Andrew Bird and Iron & Wine, who created acoustic videos in Yosemite National Park in California to support support for US national parks. Earlier this year, Tommy Hilfiger launched his Music Takes Us Further campaign focused on musicians, poets and other creators who are all using the power of music to drive social change.


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