Lil Kim’s biopic hits theaters


Besides his rapping flow, one thing The Notorious BIG, aka Biggie, is known for is his romantic relationships, one of which was his roller coaster affair with Lil Kim. The story has been told over and over again, but never in detail from Kim’s perspective. She is ready to tell it in her own way via a memoir and a biopic.

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Lil Kim’s Upcoming Memoir Will Be Made Into A Biopic For The Big Screen

The Queen Bee’s memoir is set to be released this year and will heavily feature her romantic relationship with Biggie. She felt inclined to tell the story from her perspective after disapproving of her portrayal in her biopic. The relationship has always been iconic, especially because Biggie chose to marry Faith Evans and continue to cheat on Kim.

News of the film adaptation was revealed by the rapper herself during a celebration of what would have been Biggie’s 50th birthday. As for the book and eventual movie details, Kim revealed via Lady Black, “Everyone is going to know things that they never knew,” she gushed. The book promises to be a “page turner” filled with stories about her “complicated high profile relationships and the misogynistic industry she fought to change through sex positivity”. She will also detail “the difficult double standards of self-image and beauty” that she had to overcome.

As for who will play her in the film, she says she’s not sure. “I don’t know,” laughed Kim when asked about the casting. “We’ll have to see.”

She was immediately against the biopic The Notorious BIG

Kim was contacted by one of the film’s screenwriters before filming for her opinion. During a 2009 interview with Hip Hop Weekly, she said she became uncomfortable about being featured in the film after their conversation.

“I knew something was wrong that they had the writer calling me. When I spoke to the writer, I felt like he was trying to play me, so I wouldn’t give up on anything,” Kim said at the time, as reported. MTV News.

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She continued, “I knew I wouldn’t be in control of how I was portrayed. I corrected the writer about Biggie’s nickname for me. He wrote that Biggie called me Big Momma. Biggie never called me Big Momma. In fact, he didn’t even like that name for me. He called me Mookie.

More than anything, Kim didn’t want Naturi Naughton to play her part. “Naturi was the worst of all,” she said firmly. “Apart from the fact that she looked nothing like me, when I saw the audition tapes she was the worst and I had no idea why they chose her. It seemed like she was the complete opposite of who I am.

The rapper remains upset with her portrayal in the film

According to Kim, Naughton did not contact her for her contribution to the character. But Naughton insists she did but was shot as Kim was adamant about not including her in the film without her approval.

While chatting with Fat Joe on Instagram Live, Kim took pictures of Naughton’s acting ability. “No. I hate that movie. To me, it was like a parody,” she told her fellow rapper. “It’s something I would never have approved of. I didn’t like who was playing me. No, no, no, no… I would go to Brooklyn and find a girl in that time period who I think represents Brooklyn, knows what it’s like to grow up in Brooklyn.

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Naughton addressed the backlash in his TV One Uncensored special, noting that she made the film to honor Kim. But Kim doesn’t believe Naughton’s comments are genuine. Lady Black reports that the rapper stood by her stance during an interview with hollywood unblocked.

“I was not okay with that. No disrespect. I would never have chosen her. Never, never, never,” she said during the interview. nothing in common with me. Nothing. We have nothing in common. And I don’t like how disrespectful she was about it. Because I didn’t even blame her fundamentally. But she made a whole documentary about me. I was like what is this?

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