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Wholesale question: why do some men run for the bottle or prefer to take comfort in the cleavage of a nana side, when they are faced with major challenges or setbacks? Shocked by this Big Q? Okay, consider the case of Benedict John, who simply started to exist after his bank laid off 40% of the workforce. The exercise affected him. Fortunately, soon after, he was employed by a new generation bank. But within three years, he was fired again. One fateful night, their three-year-old son fell ill; he had terrible diarrhea and a high fever. With no money on hand to transport the small child to the hospital, he swallowed his pride and enlisted the help of a neighbour, who drove them to the hospital and paid the deposit. initial to save the toddler. As they tried to deal with Junior’s health issue, a distress call came from the village to inform him of the death of an elderly father whom they had also cared for for years after his mother’s death. . After getting that phone call, he headed straight for a drink joint. As he sat with sadness written all over him, his friends came over and tried to cheer him up. They quickly ordered bottles of beer for him. And like fish in water, he swallowed the beer without caring about the world.

Shift the camera angle a bit and zoom in on Ndudi Jackson, a businessman, whose business venture took a nosedive after a midnight fire coupled with a case of fake import documents. The severe downturn affected his finances, his emotions and his temper. Shortly after, it became known that Jackson was engaged in an illicit affair. The news hit the woman like lightning. The case had a profound effect on her more than the other jobs he had experienced. She wondered how he could find the presence of mind to have an affair in the face of the difficulties that beset him. To say she was disappointed in him was the least we could say. The case took place at a time when he could pay for his children’s school. He had to write a letter of commitment to the school administration to allow them to take the second term exam. He also struggled with other issues. Yet, his wife wondered, he engaged in an affair, only to be revealed that he broke his promise to the lady, and the bubble burst. Public embarrassment was a class A type.

So back to our question: why do most men run to the bottle or seek solace in illicit sex when faced with various challenges? Certainly, alcohol is a sedative and a depressant that affects the central nervous system. At first, drinking can reduce fears and divert attention from trouble. It can help to feel less shy, improve the person’s mood, and generally feel relaxed. Although it is one of the most consumed substances, especially considering the dopamine content. Ask any men and they’ll tell you that men take alcohol to reduce tension in the moment and prevent violence, especially when it affects the home front.

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Fred found himself in the saga. He had a heated argument with his wife Rita which almost got physical. He always warned the woman to allow her orphaned young nephew, who lived with them, to have peace. Rita was always grumbling and complaining. One day, Fred couldn’t take it any longer and burst into a fiery rage. Day Rita saw another side of her that she had never seen in eight years of marriage to him. Something terrible could have happened if it wasn’t for one of their neighbors in the compound with four apartments coming over after hearing Fred’s raised voice. The pair left the compound and headed to the viewing center, to drink, chat and watch European matches, and spent more than four hours there. Fred went home and went straight to bed.

Again, a good number of men prefer to drink at clubs as it promotes bonding and creates a sense of community among men. There is evidence to suggest that socializing boosts mood by releasing endorphins. The researchers also stated that alcohol consumption can reduce the magnitude of an organism’s response to stress. This reduction is called stress-response-dampening (SRD) and it is true that alcohol can reduce stress.

Virtually everyone in Nigeria is under economic stress. Truly, the hard times are here. The cost of living continues to rise every day, leaving families with huge bills to pay and looking for ways to cut costs. Tough times haven’t caused fun-loving men to change their ways. This explains why the number of hotels and viewing centers is constantly increasing and doing good business. Moreover, the brothels did not close for lack of patronage. Instead, they are thriving. It was only during the COVID-19 lockdown that hotels, tours and brothels suspended their operations. But once the lockdown was lifted they bounced back as men and women returned to their usual watering holes. The current hard times have not affected alcohol consumption and sex.

How often do you see men enjoying watching football tournaments or European football from the comfort of their homes? Or do you think that men who watch games away from home don’t have television sets at home? Most men prefer to go to viewing centers, which are like meeting points where they bond, share knowledge, pitch business ideas, and generally feel happy with bottles of beer and other edibles generously served with drinks.

It’s at times like these that you’ll find Shadrack Ogoibe, a 57-year-old building contractor, relaxing and sharing the ‘testimonial’ of a successful breakthrough. “When I looked at my salary as a university graduate, married with four children, I knew that my resources would not provide the family comfort required. I quit my job and started hustling. I thought about what to do and decided to visit construction sites, determined to identify the owners of these projects. Within two months of intense and persistent research, I had to get a site owner’s phone number and discover his favorite drink joint. I hung on until we met. After general discussions, I made my first supply of tiles and worked on them until the building was finished. That’s how I got my first break into selling tiles,” he recalls over a beer.

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He’s not an advocate for beer drinking, but economic fortunes have sometimes been altered by encounters at a social drinking center. As Michael Ibegbulem said, men who regularly drink in society have a hard time committing heinous crimes like rape because they can always find willing women hanging around these places for a banter. those who don’t are very capricious, obscure and ill-mannered. Some time ago a story made the rounds of a highly respected and devout Christian who lived on a popular estate on the island. Reportedly, there was no housekeeper who served her family without being sexually abused by the man of the house to the point of getting the young girls pregnant.


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